Conversion Killers – Top 5 Reasons and Solutions for Cart Abandonments


Every online retailer needs deep seated knowledge regarding customer behaviors or else he will endure the same fate as other ecommerce business owners who fail to achieve the optimum level of sales through their online presence. Understanding customer behavior is a crucial part of business analytics, because selling something right into the hands of the […]

Graphing Designing: The Journey from Start to Finish

A painter brings imagination and ideas from his mind to life on the surface of a canvas with an artistic hand and the help of lively paints. The job of a graphic designer is similar to that of the painter because they both have to breathe life into their imaginations and let the world view […]

Guidelines to Successful Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Content is the creative power of a publisher to magnetize visitors towards the market. Superior content is always built under the right criteria and layout standards of the World Web. LinkedIn is a powerful medium for content marketing, and not using it to your benefit would be an utter stupidity. Without having to pay a […]

What Happens When Developer & Designers Do Not Work Together

Every firm that provides online web solutions has these cogs that work tirelessly to keep things moving. The designers and the developers are these cogs that cannot be substituted with any other part. They must revolve with the same momentum and speed the other part can support or else the whole system will seize to […]

ECommerce Cart Abandonment, Social Media Statistics [Infographic]

Ecommerce trends have taken new turns with the help of the ever evolving technology. These trends have been deeply influenced with faster means of purchase, smarter transaction procedures and more interactive features for online stores. Therefore some new statistics have emerged regarding the latest ecommerce trends taking course. For instance, it was estimated through a […]

Responsive & Mobile Friendly Website Design Statistics [Infographic]

With technology winning battles over lousy and obsolete web design technology, internet has become the breeding ground for mobile friendly and responsive web design trends. Internet users demand fast and lag free websites that can present their content in mobile devices of this age otherwise they wouldn’t even bother visiting it if it was their […]