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With technology winning battles over lousy and obsolete web design technology, internet has become the breeding ground for mobile friendly and responsive web design trends. Internet users demand fast and lag free websites that can present their content in mobile devices of this age otherwise they wouldn’t even bother visiting it if it was their necessity.

To an average some 788 million people have been registered as mobile internet users in 2015 which is quite a leap compared to the figure of 487 million in 2014. This reflects the growing need of mobile friendly websites for site owners, especially merchants who sell their products online as 4 out of every five online shoppers purchase products through their handheld devices.

Surveys have also shown that if the website fails to open properly and function responsively on mobile devices, 40% of users will choose another result when searching for something particular. A research conducted on the benefits of mobile friendly websites found out that managed to increase its conversion rate by 20% through responsive web design and made quite a lot in sales through it.

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Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web Design – Statistics

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Concepts on Adopting Mobile Technology

Unlike the past decade internet has become the necessity of every shopper. Similarly, mobile devices have become the necessity of internet because without them internet will not be visited that often.

  • According to a quantitative research conducted on mobile use, statistics have confirmed that 60 % of internet access comes from smartphones.
  • It also emerged that in United States 90% of adults are owners of mobile phones of which 58% are smartphones. Even if the rest don’t have a smartphone, 42% of the adults still have tablet computers.

With all these handheld devices being used to access internet, websites with non responsive design simply cannot expect to be visited by these emerging number of online users. Kindle fire for instance contributes a conversion rate of 3.0% and an Add to cart rate of 8.64% only if the web design in smart enough to be opened on the device with full functionality.

How Important are hand held Mobile Devices to the Average User?

The need for converting a website into a mobile friendly design is so imperative because an average smartphone user will check his/her device 150 times a day and not necessarily for a reason.

  • These users fall under the 67% who will keep their thumbs rubbing on the screen even if there are no alerts or phone call to attend.
  • Questionnaires and other source of research also showed that 44% of phone owners keep their devices next the pillow just to avoid missing a call or failing to read a text while at sleep.
  • Better yet, 29% smartphone owners have described their devices as something they cannot live without.

This shows the intensity of mobile use that urges the need of responsive web designs websites especially B2B online stores.

Here is why Responsive Designs must be involved in Mobile Browsing Experience

As most merchants have begun to understand the parallel nature of design and technological advancement, stats show how they were influenced

  • 46% of online users have often complained about viewing a static website with their mobile devices, the fact that static websites are not responsive and take a lot of time to load and span on mobile screens.
  • That being said, it is even more important for those devices that have smaller screens than the average device. 44% of users asserted that their experience while opening static websites was horrific on their smartphones.

The total numbers of people who are globally using mobile devices have increased to about 2 billion in 2015. This is more than double the amount of users compared to the 800 million last year. Therefore, satisfying the ever growing number mobile users while keeping the website fashionable can be achieved by embracing responsive and mobile friendly design for your website.

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