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Content is the creative power of a publisher to magnetize visitors towards the market. Superior content is always built under the right criteria and layout standards of the World Web. LinkedIn is a powerful medium for content marketing, and not using it to your benefit would be an utter stupidity.

Without having to pay a dime for it, marketing publishers can use this platform to their advantage. There are several ways smart content geniuses can cut their way through the clogged World Wide Web and raise their beacons for the audience to follow.

Make the content creative and but give the reader one bite a time. Otherwise the content will not be digestive and the reader will abandon page without even looking at the caption. For short and loaded content, use statuses updates to engage with the audience.

However, if you have something more to say for the client, develop your pitch into an article and spread it out on the internet.

To make sure your marketing spread is devoid of any impurities, make your content strategy for LinkedIn in the right spectrum of audience index and brand power.

Posting Statuses and Publishing Content

1.    Updating Statuses on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no doubt the unsung underdog of social media marketing and several of its features get underutilized when publishers move to these platforms. To make sure your marketing is at optimum levels, make use of “LinkedIn Status Update” or “Network Update” for your LinkedIn profile. Updating your profile status regularly is the easiest way of becoming the marketing champion and with consistent progress; you will defend your tile from competitors in times of action. Your little statuses combined periodically can pack a punch above weight.

The block option is right below the display picture of your profile page and each time you update your status the message gets wired directly to all your contacts and connections.

Liking an interesting article or catchy website is also a healthy practice for your marketing strategy. Do not forget incorporating it in your mix.

Update and Get Some!

As soon as you start receiving likes, your post will automatically get exposure. Your content will get shared on the liker’s network. The greater the number of likes the more coverage your content will get. Here is a road-map for achieving those likes:

  1. Apply keywords that count. Make the best of attractive keywords that makes the audience tick. It will take a while to get into the swing of things, but you can also use free services from Google such as “Google Trends”
  1. Stick a document along with your status post. Feed the audience with case studies, checklists and offers. Fresh blood is always in demand and you just might hit the jackpot.
  2. Connect your followers with absorbing updates with ‘@’. By adding @ before the individual or organization’s account, you can create a link for the reader to open. Interested audience is always looking for proof and validity of the post, so the least you can do is show them the way. For example your post can show, “I came across @DeenHathaway from @CountryBates and it rejoiced me to know they took first place in ‘Industry Talks’ Awards.
  3. Engage the audience with upcoming or attended events. This can pitch readers to like and ask questions regarding your experience and knowledge on that particular occasion, hence opening a window to new connections and relations.

The ‘NOTS’ of Sharing

You have the liberty to share your content with whomever you please. Share it with your connections or just the people you want to acknowledge depending on the sensitivity of the subject matter; it is entirely up to your discretion. However, there are some common mistakes content marketers must never make on LinkedIn that can obliterate all the progress you might have made in a mere few hours.

Linkedin does and donts
  1. Never get close and personal. You must understand that LinkedIn is a professional platform for schematic talk. Exposing your audience with hairdos and social wish-wash won’t get you anywhere near the likes of the folks here. Creating a professional image and getting accepted for it is a great achievement, but laying yourself out as attention craver is big NOPE.
  2. Never Flood your profile. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn has a very reserved fabric for traffic. It might seem ok to post 30 times a day on your twitter or Facebook account, but here your get taken seriously. Ration your posts to twice a day and you will get the optimum results for marketing.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. You do not need to know the background of each and every person following you. Just don’t post sensitive content that might come off as offensive to someone. There are repercussions for this on LinkedIn.
  4. You are introducing products and offers, but you don’t have to rant about it! If you have something to offer then let the consumer approach you. Posting about your product recklessly is same as forcing a gun on the customer’s head to a purchase a product. Being modest and calm has a natural appeal itself and successful marketers make the best out of it. Remember, it takes two to tango.
  5. Timing is your friend here. Have you ever wondered why fireworks are lit a night? Well its surely not because they might hit the Sun and send a solar flare down…. It’s because their visibility depends on that time of the clock. Get your posts aligned with the visibility hours of the audience and lit those fireworks!

2.    Publishing Long-Form on LinkedIn

Long form posts
Image Source: David-Linkedin

Why Publish on LinkedIn?

  1. Having a common platform. taking in account that mostly all of the your connections are using this medium to remain informed and engage in industrial activities, you don’t need too much thinking while choosing what to share that hits it mark. It’s a mutual ground and an interactive society for everyone, always looking to build relationship.
  2. Sit back and watch it glow. The best thing about posting content on LinkedIn is its notification system. Each time your content is published, LinkedIn notifies your connections and you get a response to it.
  3. Growth. If your content is incisive and penetrating for the readers, they will like it better yet, share it with their connections which can open a new portal of following to keep themselves plugged-in with your contributions.

Tips from Veterans

You cannot always rely on hit and trial for content publishing. Through experience and testimonies from veterans of LinkedIn, here are some tips for fast and easy marketing.

  • Learn and earn. You need to learn how the cogs of the industry rotate. Find their motion and angles, because without this knowledge you are just a sitting a duck for the competitor to step on. Make your purpose clear and set out targets. Write your content on hot topics that the industry is involved with. Once you have proved your mettle your connections will become your loyal assets.
  • Get write worthy topics. You can’t babble about a something you like and feed it to the audience. Put a sock in it! That’s what they will say. First off, find a title that sticks, and then content it with info, humor and friendly suggestions. Brainstorming on topics can help you narrow your ideas into finality which saves both time and effort.
  • Bring examples. Use references and examples that cover your intentions and use them to elaborate real scenarios in context with what you are offering.
  • Find an image to feature. Attaching images to your content is the best way to support your thinking. According to research, viewers are 65% more attracted to visuals than plain text. Use this to your advantage.

How to Implement Your Marketing Strategy with 2 Steps

Having done with content distribution strategies, let’s move towards the execution of the content on LinkedIn. Using these practices depends from industry to industry, but getting a good insight can help you incorporate the right recipe for marketing.

Image Source: Umairqureshi

Step 1: Organize your Content

Plan the content before sharing. Organize it and get a good look at the preview to see how it would on the page. Follow these tips to strategize your content better than before

  1. Statuses, articles, videos and infographics. All these elements are important and equally powerful. Take some time and pick out the relevant content to expose.
  2. Use a calendar to manage content posting. This improves the consistency of likes and following your profile gets. While you publish content regularly on time and occasion, your connections share it and the traffic starts to boost. Once you organize your time of publishing, you can use those rush hours completely to your advantage by introducing any new product or offer.

Step 2: Make your Schedule

Without spamming content on your page, you must achieve your objective by determining a frequency that always gives you a head start against the audience. Follow these guidelines to remain on top of things.

  1. Always update your status twice or thrice a day
  2. Your long form posting can vary from once to twice a week

After you get all these steps to action, wait for the viewers to respond and note the pattern of likes and shares you get from your connections. Once you determine this pattern you can feed content right into the mouths of the hungry audience.

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