Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

top recruitment agencies in pakistan

Recruitment is crucial and complex. Businesses find it hard to hire the right candidate, and job seekers complain about the unavailability of jobs. Hundreds of jobs are lying vacant because of the said dilemma.

Job seekers in Pakistan need a bit of grooming, training, and exposure, while businesses need to narrow down their search to find exact match resources. Here, comes the need for recruitment agencies in Pakistan. They connect job seekers with potential employers. They have a perfect model to announce jobs, shortlist, and screen candidates. Their profiles are kept well according to their education, skills, experience, and other credentials.

For recruitment partners, it is no less than a talent pool ready to get hired. For job seekers, it’s an opportunity pool as they get exposed to hiring managers and employers. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the top 10 recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Review one by one to hire or get hired.

List of Top Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

1. Al Saqib Recruitment

Another dependable name if you are seeking jobs abroad. Al Saqib Recruitment is serving both, employers and employees for more than 15 years now. Over the years, it has developed a database of candidates that includes top professionals from almost all fields. However, the agency has expertise in fulfilling employment needs in IT, oil & gas, accounts, finance, airline and aviation, construction, dairy, meat, poultry, and engineering.

Al Saqib Recruitment has an extensive network to explore job opportunities in the most promising industries and regions. One can get exposure to employment in the Gulf region, Europe, the UK, Canada, and a lot so other destinations. For professional advice and career counseling, they are available in all the major cities of Pakistan that includes Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, and Karachi.

2. Teleport

Teleport is one of the renowned recruitment agencies in Pakistan for following best practices when it comes to human resource management. It is an ISO-certified company in the employment and recruitment category. The company specializes in staff and other human resource services to a variety of enterprises.

The company has earned a reputable name in offering services to multinational companies within and across the country specifically in the Middle East. They have a firm mechanism and an effective process of headhunting to ensure you get the right candidate for the vacant post.

The company is powered by HR experts who have exposure to talent hunting for varying industries and markets. To ease candidates in easily applying for an overseas job, the company has incorporated its head office in Islamabad.


HR Business Solutions is well-known for its executive search. Companies, small or large, need professional and experienced candidates for executive positions to grow and expand. HRBS fills the gap with its extensive network of educated and skilled applicants.

The reason it is among the top 10 recruitment agencies in Pakistan is its global presence and serving more than 25 countries. It believes in helping companies grow beyond cultural boundaries by hiring talent within and across borders for small to large companies.

The company has a rich portfolio in recruitment and headhunting. It has worked with popular brands like Miniso, Huawei, and Adama.

4. HR Ways

Among the traditional hiring practices, finding an IT or tech professional is so hard. Companies like HR Ways are here to solve the problem with a rich database of tech enthusiasts. HR Ways has explored the IT ecosystem in Pakistan to an extent that it can provide expert resources in specific technologies, platforms, and programming languages.

With an enticing profiling of fresh and experienced candidates, the company is providing recruitment services to a wide range of IT companies. It includes eCommerce stores, FinTech, EdTech, Car Booking Apps, SaaS Products, and lots of established software houses.

Any tech startup looking for young and talented candidates must try their services. It is led by a strong team of women, headquartered in Karachi with expanded operations in major cities of Pakistan, USA, Canada, UAE, and KSA.

5. Fulcrum

Fulcrum has an iconic presence in HR outsourcing services that includes but is not limited to recruitment, payroll, training and development, and labor and manpower management. Corporate entities can avail their expertise for headhunting, skilled and talented professionals, and human capital development.
It is among the few top recruitment agencies in Pakistan having industry-rich experience of more than 20 years. It has an impressive portfolio that includes bigger brands like Shan, UBL, HBL, Gerrys, Unilever, etc.

They are serving a diverse nature of businesses let it be public or private, or a local to a multinational corporation. To name a few, they have worked with organizations from FMCG, hospitality, automotive, textile, and pharmaceutical.

6. Enlyst Now

Enlyst has a name in premium HR and administrative services. In addition to regular recruitment services, they offer customized solutions to help businesses find the right candidates for technical, management, and administrative operations. They have specialization in hiring and employment assistance, training and development, and performance management.

With their data-driven strategies and business-specific customization, businesses are served with talent acquisition campaigns that highlight key professionals. The company is backed by thorough HR experts who have a knack for hiring the experts only. It is the reason Executive Search is one of the peculiar features of their recruitment services.

7. Finclude

With the increasing reliance on smartphones and digital wallets, we have moved to the fintech economy now. Pakistan is experiencing a shift from traditional transactions and conventional bank transfers to easy mobile payments like Easypaisa, Simsim, JazzCash, and so on. FinTech is real in Pakistan so is the need for professionals to make it smooth. But, finding candidates with expertise in fintech is still hard.

Finclude entered the ecosystem with an innovative solution for tech recruitment. It has an enticing mechanism of staffing for the business aspects, technical, and risk assessment. Its dedication to finding top tech talent counts it among the best recruitment agencies in Pakistan. In addition to their robust tech employment drives, they have a keen interest in fintech startups.

The company provides a helping hand to young entrepreneurs who are pursuing their ventures. Their support can guide startup founders from storyboarding to product development, and scaling fintech solutions across the globe.

8. Link Arabia

Employment opportunities are declining with the deteriorating economy of Pakistan, which is making more people find employment abroad. Link Arabia is a reliable Overseas Employment Company that is committed to helping youngsters in securing job positions abroad.

Link Arabia is registered with the Government of Pakistan and foreign embassies. As the name suggests, it is connecting job seekers in Pakistan with employers from major recruitment states like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah. Candidates who are eager to take on jobs in social, private, or public organizations can seek their assistance, and get recruited after fulfilling the criteria.

9. HR World International

It is a strong contender in the list of top 10 recruitment agencies in Pakistan for its supreme HR expertise. It has a dedicated department to offer the best quality, effective, and affordable recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. HR World International is serving companies of varying scales and natures.

Every business starts with its staff. If staff is not hired the right way, the business may wrap up soon. HR World International provides brilliant staffing solutions. With complete human resource management, the company offers headhunting and executive search too.

Besides recruitment services, the company has bespoke solutions for staff and payroll management. Companies can use the software to manage employees’ timesheets, attendance, leaves, and outdoor time. They do help companies get their jobs listed to find candidates for any specific role.

10. Recruitment World

Recruitment World is among the few digital recruitment agencies in Pakistan that are leading the front with their digital solutions. It is based in Islamabad, the capital city and the city of matchless job and business opportunities.

The agency is proficient in offering headhunting and bulk recruitment services. Businesses that are in the dire need of hiring staff for a newly launched project or office can find it much helpful. Hiring staff from a completely new office may require hundreds of hours for an in-house HR department. However, getting it outsourced from such a recruitment agency can take a couple of days as they have already a pool of talent to shortlist, evaluate, and hire.

The company offers HR consultancy, branding, and other HR outsourcing solutions.


Recruitment agencies are playing a crucial role in the job market of Pakistan. They are bridging the gap between job seekers and employers by exploring local as well as global channels. Young graduates or professionals who are unable to get a job, switch a career, or pursue a better lifestyle can avail of their services. They have several job opportunities abroad too that give more exposure to candidates.

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