8 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2023

best wordpress security plugins

The year 2023 is no different for WordPress users as we see an increase in malicious and malware attacks on blogs and websites. Developing a website takes a whole lot of effort, time, and finances. And, nothing is more painful than seeing someone putting an entire website or blog into the trash with malicious attacks.

WordPress security must be a top priority that’s why you must ask a website design and development Company to consider security and common vulnerabilities right in the planning stage. Once they take notice of the key issues, every line of code or customization may strengthen the website’s security. However, website security is a life-long struggle.

Developers can set a strong foundation for your website, but it has to be kept updated and well-maintained. You can seek help from free and premium WordPress security plugins listed in this post to add a layer of security to a blog or website.

8 Best Security Plugins for WordPress

1. Wordfence

Wordfence is quite among WordPress bloggers and news reporters who are in the dire need of security for their publishing platform. It offers a wide range of options to help them take multiple security measures and protect the blog. A WordPress blog or website is at a high risk of cyber threats. To make it going you have to rely on applications that are capable of protecting it from every possible attack.

Wordfence includes a web application firewall that is updated in real-time. Additionally, you get the functionality of IP blacklisting. A malicious IP address gets blocked on its first visit to prevent it from attacking the website for life. To add another layer of security, Wordfence offers two-factor authentication as well. Configure it and no one will be able to login into your blog or website.

2. JetPack Security

Jetpack is the best rate security plugin on WordPress and endorsed in the official marketplace. It has a mechanism of taking website backup in real-time. It leads to better security, and identification of breaches and bugs. The plugin reports any security issue or threat on a centralized dashboard to make it easier for the admin to notice it and take preventive measures.

Additionally, the website admin gets an email about the issues. So, if an admin is not logged into the storefront, he or she can get an email notification to take prompt action. Spam commenting is also a clear indication that your blog or website may get hurt. JetPack gives you relief there as well by blocking spam comments. It saves your valuable time in reviewing and disapproving comments manually.

3. Sucuri

Small businesses that need to secure their websites or web presence from cyber-attacks must get Sucuri as a security plugin. It has the advanced features of carrying security audits that highlight the key vulnerabilities in their WordPress blog or website. It safeguards the web assets from DDoS, malware, brute force attacks, and other security loopholes.

The plugin comes with flexible options that make it useful and effective for small to medium and large size enterprises. It has a simple user interface that a newbie can also set up and use the plugin in WordPress. Corporate and large entities can also utilize its customization options to make the plugin more suitable for their large-scale operations.

In addition to security, Sucuri is also worthy to install for its performance improvement factors. It improves page loading speed to deliver website content efficiently to the readers, which compliments search rankings.

4. Plugin Security Scanner

Malware protection is not enough if your site is vulnerable to other threats too. Plugin Security Scanner is among the reliable solutions that keep an eye on both. It protects your WordPress blog or website from malware attacks and other issues that are hidden to a layman. It evaluates the security concerns related to blog elements let it be theme or plugin related.

The plugin fights against ransomware, viruses, and other attacks. For simple blogs or websites, the plugin has to offer a free version. However, to manage an eCommerce or commercial site, you have to invest in a premium version. If you are on a budget, try the free version in combination with other security plugins.

5. All in One Security

Managing WordPress is difficult and getting a plugin for every feature is expensive that’s why the price always matters the most. All in One Security is among the few budget-friendly options to protect your WordPress blog or website from malicious attacks. They do have a free and paid version.

Beginners can start with the free one to make sure the blog goes well in the beginning, and get a premium plan once the blogs attracts more users. A business grows and deals with sensitive user data, they can get professional wordpress development services to configure an effective security solution that customized to their specific requirements.

It starts with login lockdown so that brute attacks are stopped right away. Admin can use the force logout after a defined period. The plugin also allows you to blacklist IP addresses. With a dedicated dashboard view, admin can find failed login attempts, user activity, and online users.

6. iThemes Security

It is yet another security plugin for WordPress users who don’t want a web predator to undo their entire efforts of building a blog or website. iThemes plugin is equipped with advanced security options to protect websites from a variety of web attacks. It shields your blog by putting limitations to user attempts, strong passwords, detecting 404 errors, checking integrations, and limiting brute force attacks. It is a security solution by developers of the BackupBuddy plugin that is popular for its innovative features and simple user experience.

7. Anti-Malware Security

Anti-Malware is one of the premium plugins that are kept up to date. If you are worried about the changing patterns of attacks and modern threats, you can sign up with this plugin. It is updated and maintained at regular intervals to protect a WordPress sites from the common attacks.

The plugin is brilliant in scanning malware from different files and folders of your website or blog. It brings out the malicious malware, code, backdoors, and other attacks. It is not limited to scanning alone as it helps you fix the issues without affecting website performance. To avail current edition, you will need to sign up with the plugin developer.

8. Bulletproof Security Pro

Bulletproof is a lesser known opponent when it comes to WordPress security plugins. However, it comes with some of advanced features that are hard to find in other applications. The setup wizard works like a charm for beginners to easily install and configure the plugin for foolproof security.

The feature worth a mention includes multiple links to documentation. New users who are not familiar with the settings can easily get to know how things work in WordPress. They can read documentation to use the malware scanner and get things fixed. It has basic security features too that includes maintaining security logs, backing the database, logging out idle session, and protecting the login page.

Final words

Every WordPress security plugin has its strength and distinct features. Review the list we have compiled for your ease to select the one that fits best in your requirements and budget. A recommended practice is to start with the free version of any reliable plugin and move on to its paid plan if satisfied with the service.

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