Top 10 Investment Companies in Pakistan

top investment companies in pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with natural and human resources that taking an investment initiative may never go wrong if carried by expert businessmen and finance managers. Making money is one part of our lives while saving and investing is a separate story. It requires research, market insights, and financial know-how of several industries.

For a common man, it is often difficult to choose a business to invest in, therefore, investment companies in Pakistan bridge the gap. They work with reputable businesses in different industries so they can bring out the best in you. Following is a list of the top-performing companies to consider.

Disclaimer: Participating in the investment products or services of these companies is at your discretion as these decisions are subject to risk and reward. We exclude any liability you take in response to reading this list.

List of Top Investment Companies in Pakistan

1. Lakson Investment

Lakson Investment Company (LIC) is among the leading investment companies in Pakistan. it is part of the Lakson Group of companies, which is powering Pakistan with several business and manufacturing concerns. LIC is serving the country with several investment opportunities. it offers pension funds, mutual funds, and portfolio management.

Mutual funds, where funds from pooled from stakeholders and invested in different business sectors and fields to get the highest yield. It proportionately distributes the profits to investors and minimizes the risk of loss. Some of their well-managed mutual funds include Lakson Islamic Tactical Funds, Equity Fund, and Income Fund.

It is a reliable investment company as they carry out research and possess insights about different industries in Pakistan that are profitable. The company has more than 50 authorized branches and partners to serve the general public with financial advisory services.

2. National Investment Trust (NIT) Ltd.

National Investment Trust is a public company that was incorporated in 1962 and became the first and largest investment company in Pakistan. It started as an initiative to promote savings and investment cultures in the county. The trust manages several investing options. Let it be income funds, equity, money market, or pension funds. These opportunities are focused more towards easily accessible and affordable investments for the common man. It is working with more than 35 branches and distribution partners in assisting potential investors nationwide.

NIT is quite popular for its flagship investment, i.e. NIT State Enterprise Fund, which is the largest mutual fund in Pakistan. As of the 2022 year-end, it is grossed about Rs. 94 billion in assets that belong to more than 53000 unit holders. It is one of the priorities for investors in Pakistan who are a beginner in trading and stock investing. Now it has an online application to facilitate customers in various ways.

3. Pak Oman Asset Management Company Ltd

POAMCL is not a reliable name when it comes to finding a reliable investor partner. It is a non-banking finance company that was established on June 28, 2006. It is also dealing with asset management and mutual funds. It was formed as a joint venture between the Sultanate of Oman and the Government of Pakistan.

It is duly regulated and licensed by SECP – Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. it offers a range of investment services and products. The primary options are portfolio management, and mutual and pension funds. With the help of an expert finance and advisory team, the company brings years of expertise to the table. it is the reason they provide the best investment services to their clients. for professional services, it has achieved numerous awards as well.

4. Al Meezan Investment Management Limited

Al Meezan is among the few financial management companies that are offering shariah-compliant investing opportunities to investors in Pakistan. it has around 183,000 clients who rely on its financial insights and investment advisory. The investors are from different walks of life like businessmen, individuals, institutes, and high net-worth families. The company brings customized services to the people let it be mutual funds or advisory.

The company has more than $267 million in terms of asset management as reported at the end of December 2022. The accumulation of funds comprises different investment options. it includes investments in equity, fixed income, asset allocation, capital preservation, commodity, money market, and voluntary pension scheme.

5. HBL Asset Management Limited (HBL AMC)

HBL Asset Management Limited (HBL AMC) is one of the top investment companies in Pakistan. it started operating back in 2004 as a sister concern of Habib Bank Limited, which is one of the largest banks nationwide.

HBL AMC brings a variety of investment services and products to the general public. It includes pension funds, mutual funds, and portfolio management. The company specializes in fixed-income and equity investments as it manages mutual funds of the highest proportion in the country.

Additional options are Islamic Money Market Fund, Income Fund, and Government Securities Fund. Investors are putting their hard-earned money because of their experienced team who keep on doing in-depth research and analysis to come up with viable investment options.

6. MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited

Being a pioneer in the banking industry, MCB has greatly contributed to the savings and investment ecosystem of Pakistan. It has started serving the people of Pakistan with investment products and services through its subsidiary called MCB-Arif Habib. It is a savings and investment Company started in 2006 with the collaboration of the Arif Habib Group and MCB.

The company has numerous options when it comes to savings and investments. It offers pension funds, mutual funds, and portfolio management. It has mastered the art of managing clients’ investments in equity and fixed-income investments. Its mutual funds comprise DCF Income Fund, Pakistan Stock Market Fund, and Islamic Income Fund. It has professional and reliable financial advisors to ask for valuable suggestions, market insights, and customized investment solutions.

7. AKD Investment Management Limited

AKD Investment Management Limited (AKDIML) is another key player for the investors in Pakistan to enlighten them about opportunities worth investing in. It was established in 2003 with the backing of AKD Securities Limited, which is a prominent brokerage company. It assists investors in several ways. It manages pension and mutual funds besides holding a major capital of clients in portfolio management. It pools funds from AKD Islamic Stock Fund, Index Tracker Fund, and Opportunity Fund.

AKDIML has been able to deliver flawless financial advisory services with the help of its team which is powered by finance enthusiasts. They keep a close eye on the finance and money market while carrying out their research and analysis on every industry that seems to be profitable and worth investing in. They have been managing it all with their 100 authorized branches.

8. JS CL

Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Ltd. (JSCL) is also listed among the top investment companies in Pakistan for its visionary leadership and a banking company running parallel to JS Bank. It offers investment advisory in a variety of sectors. Let it be asset management, Islamic or commercial banking, insurance, and securities brokerage. It also extends its long-term investment strategies to sectors like media, transportation, technology, and manufacturing concerns.

It was started in 1991 as an investment company to succeed the vision of Mr. Jahangir Siddiqui in fixed income and equity securities. It has also secured expertise in corporate finance. The company also bagged the compliment of being the first securities company of Pakistan to be a Wall Street Pedigree after getting into a joint venture with Bear Stearns. JSCL was the first corporate member to be listed on Karachi Stock Exchange.

9. UBL Fund Managers Limited

UBL Fund Managers Ltd. is among the most reliable investment companies in Pakistan. It was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of UBL, which is among the pioneering banks in the country. It also comes with reliable investment products and services like pension and mutual funds, and discretionary portfolio management. It takes funds to invest in profit-making companies from the UBL Stock Advantage fund, Government Securities Fund, and Financial Sector Fund.

UBL Fund Managers Ltd. has a distribution network that is expanded across the country with more than 300 authorized branches. for its phenomenal services, the company has garnered various awards and titles. It has got the Best Asset Management Company Award at the Pakistan Stock Exchange Top 25 Companies Awards and the Best Asset Management Company Award at the CFA Society Pakistan Excellence Awards.

10. Alfalah GHP

Alfalah GHP Investment Management Limited (AGIML), was inaugurated in 2004 as a public limited company duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). It became a leading company for investors in Pakistan to consider seeking advisory services because of its matchless services and expertise.

The company came into being from a joint venture of GHP Arbitrium and Bank Alfalah Ltd. Bank Alfalah is a prominent name in the banking industry of Pakistan, whereas GHP Arbitrium is a Switzerland-based Asset management company besides expertise in lots of other investment options. So, Alfalah GHP brings the expertise and exposure of both. GHP Aributrium has transferred its shares to its parent company called GHP Beteiligungen AG. The company is leading a pivotal advisory role in pensions and mutual funds, private equity, and real estate investments.


Handing over your hard-earn money to a company includes a risk that’s why we have listed the top investment companies in Pakistan that are reliable and registered with the governing bodies. Start with low investment to gauge a company, evaluate their projects, and find the profit or loss you incur. Once you get familiar with financial management, you can explore more.

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