42 Most Profitable Businesses in Pakistan

most profitable businesses in pakistan

The business sector of Pakistan gets affected by several factors in the way it works in any other country. The increasing inflation rate and the declining GDP is making more people reconsider their decisions of starting a business. However, there is a list of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan that keeps you afloat in terms of profit regardless of the social and economic situations.

The key to turning an idea into a successful business lies in your determination and the skills and investment it requires. Every business differs in risks and rewards that’s why their return on investment also varies.

In this post, we have mentioned some of the most successful businesses in Pakistan to seek inspiration from, evaluate how they succeeded, and compare how you can be the next winner.

List of Most Profitable Businesses in Pakistan

Textile and Garments

Textile is a profitable industry that is contributing a major share in the economic growth of the country. Pakistan has a well-established textile industry and is the 8th largest exporter of textile goods as the State Bank Report suggests. Choosing any business model in its manufacturing, procurement, selling, and marketing, or any part of the supply chain process may prove profitable. 

For example, if you have the investment and expertise to start a spinning and weaving mill, or take raw fabric straight from the mills and pursue textile designing and printing. Let me share the most profitable business in Pakistan with low investment here. It may restrict you to selling and marketing textiles only. With a basic business model, you can purchase a few unstitched suits of the most demanding fabrics from a wholesale market, and sell them in retail. It sells easily using friends circles, FB and WhatsApp groups, and Ads on classified websites.

Following are some of the business ideas related to textiles and garments you can pursue in Pakistan.

1. Start a boutique – Design dresses, stitch them in a few sizes, and display and sell them in a boutique. Check how famous brands like Maria B., Khaddi, Umar Saeed, and J. started and how you can come up with out-of-the-box designs.

2. Bespoke clothing – Offer premium clothing that is tailored exclusively for clients. See how Jhonum has started it and expanded it in Karachi and other parts of the country.

3. Online clothing store – Source garments from a local manufacturer or import, and sell them online. Review stores like Outfitters, Click.pk, Zellbury, etc.

4. Kids Garments – Find colorful garments with unique designs and soft fabric. It sells like hot cake. You can seek inspiration from Minnie minors, leisure clubs, Mothercare, etc.

5. Sportswear – Provide sports and fitness enthusiasts with the best quality products they need. Examples include Tee Fit, Iron Gear, Spartan Athletes, and Haraka.

6. Uniforms – Tap into the uniform business. For schools, hospitals, hotels, or an organization. Find more about this idea from websites like Souvenir2000, Youniform.co, uniform.pk

7. Plus-size clothing – Be different by providing plus-size clothing that is hard to find. Consider visiting Plussize.pk, laam.pk, bigandtall.pk, and mantra.com.pk

Content Creation

The ease of publishing content on different platforms has created more business opportunities for the people of Pakistan. People who used to provide information, news, entertainment, and education have established media houses of their own. They have numerous free platforms like YouTube, Coursera, and Udemy to share knowledge and expertise with fellow citizens and a global audience.

People with acting, comedy, and modeling skills are making money from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and lots of other video streaming websites. Famous newspapers and publication houses have also turned their content into web applications to serve readers with valuable news and insights on computers and mobile screens.

If you also know about a skill and want to show it to a set of people, the following are some of the ways you can turn a hobby or passion into a business.

8. YouTube channel – Seek inspiration from P for Pakao in entertainment, GFX Mentor in graphic designing, VideoWaliSarkar in gadget reviews, IlmkiDunya in Education categories.

9. Online Courses – Create and upload a course on Udemy, SkillShare, and lots of other websites. Get more ideas from Digiskills.pk or skillstodo.com

10. Blogging – Good at writing or explaining a topic? Start a blog, share valuable tips and insights, gain an audience, and monetize them in several ways.

11. Ebooks – Document your memories, expertise, and experience in the form of eBooks and get them published through different platforms such as Amazon.

12. News blogs – If you are readily following a niche, why not to reports its news and updates? Watch out for tech blogs like ProPakistani, Urdu Point, Tech Juice, and Pakwired

13. Digital downloads – Artists and graphic designers can design masterpieces and sell them on several online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Food and Beverages

The food business in Pakistan has never seen a downturn because Pakistanis are very fond of eating delicious food. It is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide that yields high returns with a reasonable investment. Investment in a food business is not much of a problem, as it gives you the flexibility to start. If you have a good investment, you can open a fancy restaurant on a large scale. Fancy restaurants are running in major cities of Pakistan and people also like to eat in fancy restaurants.

If you don’t have much investment, you can build a food truck to sell fries and some popular fast foods. All you need is a delicious recipe that will draw people to you as this is the only weapon you can use to grow your food business. You can also provide foreign dishes like Turkish, Arabic, etc to your customers and people like them too.

14. Food truck – It is the most profitable business in Pakistan with low investment. Fabricate a truck into the food court, get a license, and sell delicious food. Be creative in deciding the menu.

15. Traditional cuisine – We do have established brands for traditional food like Haleem, Nihari, and Biryani. You can still find the gap and enter with a unique and rich taste.

16. Organic food – In the market of processed food, you can be the change by bringing organic food accessible to the people. Collaborate with farms and gardens to bring organic produce.

17. Coffee shops – Big cities in Pakistan still need more coffee shops and eateries with quality and ambiance. Your café can be the next big hit like Tim Hortons. Grow it with tea, juices, & shakes.

18. Catering services – Cover weddings, parties, corporate events, and social gatherings for your clients and make a living out of this amazing business.

19. Home chef – Make a menu of recipes you have mastered, signup to a food delivery app like lunch.pk, food panda, and cheetay and start serving consumers homemade, hygienic food.

Software and IT Services

IT services and software export has grown at an exponential rate over the years. According to International Trade Administration, Software Market contributes $3.0 billion to the economy. The country is serving more than 100 countries with the help of more than 5000 IT and Software development companies. 

It is the top profitable business in Pakistan whether you start with a few founders or incorporate as an IT company with offices across the world. United Sol is one of the reputable web development companies having offices in Canada, the US, UAE, and Pakistan. To start a similar one, you need a set of skills and expertise, reach out to potential clients, acquire projects and get them delivered.

Most companies start as low as a team of two members and keep on expanding in terms of team, skills, technologies, platforms, and regions. The key to success in the software and IT industry is choosing a specific technology or platform, and getting recognized as an industry leader. Following are some of the subcategories you can consider pursuing.

20. Website design & development

21. Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management

22. Telemarketing & Call Centers

23. Gaming & Animations Studios

24. Cloud computing & Data Centers

25. Cyber Security services

26. Ecommerce – Local or international

27. Business Automation and Workflow Automation Services

Agriculture and Farming

According to Pakistan Bureau Statistics, the Agriculture sector contributes 24% of the country’s GPD (Gross Domestic Product). It provides employment opportunities to more than 42% of the laborers. Businesses that are related to farming or agriculture are regarded as the most profitable businesses in Pakistan if you know and execute them with prior knowledge, expert resources, and the required investment. 

It is one of the most profitable industries to start with the lowest investments if different business models are tried. Businesses to consider here include:

28. Grow crops like wheat, rice, vegetables, and fruits

29. Livestock including goats, sheep, cattle, and poultry

30. Farming for dairy, fish and a variety of seafood

31. Processing like sugar, rice, flour, edible oil, sugar

Real Estate and Property Development

Real estate is a booming industry in Pakistan that has flourished over a few decades. It has attracted investors across the globe including overseas Pakistanis to invest in residential and commercial properties for better returns.

With the increasing population, there is always a need for better housing projects and business communities. Starting a development project can help the residents find better alternatives. Businesses you can make out of the real estate industry include:

32. Real Estate Consultancy – Make money out of your real estate knowledge and industry insights

33. Buy & Sell – Be an investor, buy residential or commercial plots in bulk, and sell in retail

34. Develop properties – Construct a property or two, renovate, sell & repeat

35. Real Estate Management – Manage properties on behalf of overseas Pakistani

36. Authorized Dealership – Sign-up with Real Estate Giants and promote their projects

37. Industrial spaces and warehousing – Serve business clients with the spaces they need

38. Coworking Spaces – Renovate a space to cater to the IT and Corporate sector with shared offices

Bonus: Most profitable business in Pakistan with low investment

39. Construction contractors

If you are familiar with a few construction hacks, you can become a contractor and take on projects. It can be about constructing a small house, a few rooms or the kitchen only. It requires low investment as you have to arrange the supplies, pay the labor, and get the payment in phases. Get complete house renovation projects and get things done by individuals like plumbers, electricians, etc.

40. Healthcare supplies

Build a fortune out of medical supplies. Reach out to hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, and medical stores. Get their required equipment and supplies from a distributor or wholesaler, keep a commission, and get them delivered. Doing so regularly can help you build a massive network of clients and consumers. It will gradually take to get things sourced directly from manufacturers for better profits or ultimately take you into the manufacturing business.

41. Local and religious tourism

Pakistan has a massive tourism industry. Thousands of people rush to northern areas for travel during summer vacation and public holidays. Plan tours, get affiliated with hotel and bus services, and execute multiple plans. It may require a license and a bit of investment in marketing. Additionally, you can offer travel services for Hajj, Umrah, and Ziarat tours as they are high in demand throughout the year.

42. Transport and logistics

People travel a lot in Pakistan. In the presence of cheap and reliable transport, numerous routes are unexplored. Start with one destination to focus more on quality services and expand with time. Once a transport network is established, utilize it for logistics and freight forwarding as well. The way Daewoo and Skyways do.


Starting a business may seem to be difficult. It becomes easier when you find a list of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan. We have compiled them concerning different industries to make it simpler for you to select. Do study the businesses we have shared for inspiration to better navigate their requirements and challenges. The profitability of every business depends on its market demand and competition.

The list in this post includes the top profitable businesses of Pakistan that are high in demand. However, with every passing day, more entrepreneurs like you are chasing their dreams. As soon as the demand is fulfilled, the business once profitable may no longer become a viable option to invest. Hence, it is requested to carry out your research, test its viability, and consult with experts before putting in your hard-earned money. Good luck with your business endeavors.

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