Top 10 Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

best internet service providers in Pakistan

The internet has grown so huge and powerful that it is impacting our lives in various aspects. It is up to the user, who takes benefit of its positive impact and gets himself spoiled in the negative space. It has all a man may need.

Bill Gates quotes, “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”

The Internet has turned us all into a global community. It has simplified the way we interacted with friends, people, schools, and businesses. it is now important for every home or office. It has invented new ways for businesses and making money. Seeing the rising demand, we have got more internet service providers to make this grand facility available at our home or office.

Pakistan is also moving at a fast pace in the digital economy. We have adopted technology and unleashed it for the betterment of our society. But it all starts with a fast and reliable internet connection. Are you looking for the best internet services in Pakistan to rely upon? Let us enlist some of the reputable names in the post below. You can take a look at them and select the one that goes well with your requirements and finances.

List of Best Internet Service Provider in Pakistan


PTCL is the major ISP in Pakistan where an extensive network of customers across the country and agreements with other ISPs to serve commercial and household consumers. It was a government-owned institution until it was privatized in 2006. It is also the top telecommunication company in the country; PTCL has made the internet accessible to almost every part of the country. PTCL offers several internet packages for customers to avail that are distinguished by speed such as 20mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps, 100mbps, and even 250mbps. In addition to the DSL connections, the company has made available 3G and 4G mobile internet devices as well to help consumers stay connected on the go.


A name that is regarded the most in supersonic internet speed for home users is OPTIX. It provides one of the best internet services in Pakistan. The company realizes the significance of the best quality internet to residential consumers that’s why they ensure superfast speed and uninterrupted connectivity. If we come to compare it with other service providers, we can say OPTIX and Nayatel both are leading the space with their selfless support. The company claims to offer unmatched voice quality that may make you feel the person is sitting next to you. the variety of plans helps you to choose a package for the sole purpose of the internet like 2mbps, 4mbps, 10mbps, or up to 100mbps; or get it bundled with other services like television, telephone, etc.

3. Connect Communication

Being founded in 2005, Connect Communication has earned a reputable name for best internet services in Pakistan as it is the largest company in its domain. It has been serving residential and corporate consumers with seamless internet service. From the day of its inception, the company was ambitious to provide affordable and cost-effective IT solutions to the people of Pakistan. It proved its excellence in it with modern and cutting-edge technology or broadband. Its reliable connectivity has made it a remarkable stature in the household as well as commercial circle. The industries it serves include health care, medical, financial services and advisory, retail, and public sector organizations.


Fiberlink is another reliable name in the ISP sphere of Pakistan. It has been offering fiber optic services in the leading cities of the country including Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, and Faisalabad. The company is proud of bringing the fastest internet connectivity and stability to its home and corporate consumers. Their claim to have the best internet services in Pakistan can be evaluated by the fact that their plans offer to speed up to 200mbps which is hard for any company to provide. One can have any package between 12mbps, 20mbps, 40mbps, 100mbps, 150mbps, or 200 Mbps.

5. Stormfiber

Among the top contenders for best internet in Pakistan, Stormfiber leads the list for its seamless internet and television services to its residential consumers. It is backed by CyberNet, which is a leading brand among the internet service providers in the corporate sector. Using the reliable internet by CyberNet, Stormfiber is eager to provide reliable and stable internet connectivity to home users. The packages you can select from include 10mbps, 20mbps, 30mbps, and other options with higher bandwidths.


Nayatel was among the few internet services in Pakistan that introduced FTTH – Fiber to the house – to ensure that home and business consumers enjoy fast internet connections. Nayatel is serving its consumers with seamless internet in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Gujranwala, and Faisalabad. The reason it has earned thousands of customers in major cities of Pakistan is its finest services and unflagging support. Nayatel has redefined the quality standards on the internet when most consumers were in the dire need of a service to rely upon. They brought a business model of excellence, trust, and value addition to society. They have several plans for home and corporate consumers with solo internet or packages bundled with phone and cable TV services.

7. COMSATS Internet Services

The reason COMSATS Internet Services is considered a pioneering one is that it was founded in 1995 by the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. It has been serving in all the business hubs of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Multan, and Sukkur. Over the years, COMSATS Internet Services has evolved into a center of excellence in IT services that are not limited to ISP alone. It has extended to data center services, on-demand broadband, web hosting and domain, web design and development, SEO, networking, and IT training. The company is serving the people of Pakistan with reliable internet services for more than 17 years now.

8. Wateen

Among all the Pakistan internet companies, Wateen rose to fame in a short period. It has launched internet services in Pakistan with fiber optic and WiMax technology that do not require the conventional installation of wires and heavy equipment. It started outstanding services in major cities and soon expanded nationwide. It was the easiest alternative to the internet as it required a consumer to get a USB device to connect to the internet. It gave the freedom of using the internet from any part of the city with a portable device.


Being launched in 2007, Qubee was among the few telecom companies that introduced WiMax technology. It is an amazing technology that provides absolute internet connectivity without the need to use a wire. It offered services in four main cities including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. The variety of plans was also an added attraction of this ISP in Pakistan that were classified into postpaid, prepaid, youth packages, and SMEs. Though the company has retained its coverage to specific areas, they have more focused on the quality of service.

10. WorldCall

Worldcall was once highly recognized for its internet services. It has a repute in cable broadband internet ervices. WorldCall came as a reliable solution for users who had to use PTCL phone lines to connect to the users. They would either have to use the internet or telephone services at a time. WorldCall brought an innovative solution of getting cable connections without engaging landlines. It was performing well in the major cities of Pakistan but is now limited to Karachi and Lahore only. They have affordable plans that start with 2mbps, 4mbps, 6mbps, 8mbps, and 10mbps. They do have digital TV and Cable TV solutions for home users and corporate entities.

Final thoughts

The Internet is a network of networks that keep us connected to the world at large. We can compare an internet connection with that of our veins and blood. We are alive as long as the veins are connected and circulating the blood. Similarly, the moment we lose internet connection, we are cut off from the entire world. We have shared some of the best internets in Pakistan for you to keep connected with the world, grab knowledge, and continue business and educational endeavors.

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