Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

successful entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Success, according to Winston Churchill is, walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Your purpose of the journey may differ, but the meaning of success is the same that is an achievement or a sense of achievement after meeting a certain goal or expectation or standing again and again after failures.

A continuous struggle towards achieving the goal and standing all over again after failures is all that you need to be a successful entrepreneur. Pakistan is blessed with entrepreneurs who have struggled for making their dreams come true. They have proved their endeavors with a successful journey toward making viable products, platforms, and organizations. Following are some of the worth mentioning entrepreneurs in Pakistan who have excelled in what they loved the most. Every one of them is an icon of success and a jewel to the crown of our national identity. They have shown great enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment.

10 Top Successful Tech Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

1. Salim Ghauri

Salim Ghauri, being a pioneer in Pakistan’s Software and IT industry, is often regarded as the Bill Gates of Pakistan. He was born in Bahawalpur and brought up in Lahore, however, he realized his interest in Computers when he moved to Romania on a scholarship for higher studies. Being a restless child, he explored and expanded things beyond his knowledge.

It was 1995 when arrived from Romania and founded Netsol with a small office yet bigger dreams. At that time, technology and IT were not among the booming industries of Pakistan. He did what most people told him is risky and impossible. It was his vision that made Netsol a leading software company that was the first to be listed on Karachi Stock Exchange and secure CMMI Level 5. His book ‘From Nothing to Everything shares his journey of struggles and accomplishments that made him among the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

2. Monis Rehman

The entrepreneurial journey of Monis Rehman is filled with finding solutions to the problems he faced. He is the founder of Naseeb Networks which is managing the leading job marketplaces in Pakistan i.e. Rozee. pk and He is an engineering graduate who started his career with Intel and took part in the development of microprocessor chips. It was a time when young entrepreneurs were trying different ventures. He founded then and rozee. pk and the list go on. He is now co-founder of Finja – a financial services platform, and Dukan. pk, which aims to onboard small businesses and let them explore the digital ecosystem. He has been listed among the top entrepreneurs of the 21st century many times.

3. Umar Saif

Umar Saif is a serial entrepreneur, computer scientist, and professor. He did his postdoc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, taught there, and returned to Pakistan. He joined his alma mater LUMS to teach computer sciences. He also joined Punjab Information Technology Board as a Chairman and founded the first ever tech incubation center named Plan9.

At the incubator, he facilitated young entrepreneurs in Pakistan with his knowledge, expertise, and mentorship and carried out 300 plus projects. He has secured several awards for his selfless teaching and vision. His passion to innovate the tech world has made him found a series of startups. He is the CEO of Survey Auto, Chief Digital Officer of the Jung Group, and Chief investment officer at Chui Ventures. He is serving as an advisor to the UNDP – United Nations Development Program in Pakistan.

4. Wahaj Us Siraj

Wahaj us Siraj, the founder, and CEO of Nayatel, is another bright star on the list of entrepreneurs in Pakistan. He is among the few people who dare to take the risk of leaving public offices to enliven their dreams. He has been a part of civil services for more than fifteen years before he leaped from a government job, which is a dream of many. He has done his bachelor’s from UET Lahore and master’s in Engineering from the University of Melbourne Australia.

Being an engineer by profession, he has got the credit of contributing to the team that launched Pakistan’s first internet service provider across the country back in 1996 and then laying down the first broadband network in 2002. He and his friend find the need for quality internet and telephony services that’s why Nayatel was founded in 2006. It is one of the premium internet service providers of broadband internet, HD TV, and telephone services. He has reformed the telecom sector with his exemplary vision and the mission of delivering flawless services.

5. Sunil Sarfaraz Munj & Raza Saeed, which is the only community-based platform in the automotive industry is backed by two autophiles Sunil Sarfaraz Munj and Raza Saeed. They founded Pakwheels out of their love and passion for cars. They have helped millions of Pakistanis in buying and selling cars and bikes. Both are LUMS graduates, and renowned entrepreneurs in Pakistan as they have started on their journey of entrepreneurship when few were able to choose it.

The website was started as a community to connect with auto aficionados. Hanif Bhatti, another cofounder of Pakwheels also ignited the idea as he was curious to connect with his friends who are fond of cars after spending more than two decades abroad. Together they all built Pakistan’s number one automotive portal out of a small community.

6. Zeeshan Khalid

Zeeshan Khalid is a successful businessman in Pakistan, who completed his higher education abroad and started a career in a renowned IT company there. Despite a well-paid job, it was a spirit of entrepreneurship and an eagerness to empower the people of Pakistan that he returned and founded United Sol – a leading eCommerce and web solutions company. His vision helped him expand a small firm of three members to a hundred plus employees with offices in Dubai, USA, and Canada.

With clients from across the globe, the company manages four eCommerce marketplaces for different technologies like WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and Shopify. Under his supervision, the company is helping online store owners with software tools that are innovative, quick to install, and easy to use.

7. Zia Imran

Zia Imran is among the most groomed and successful entrepreneurs in Pakistan. He has more than 20 years of experience working with top IT and software development companies. His expertise is not limited to the development of software solutions as he has earned repute in product consultancy and system integration. He also has the fortune of working in Silicon Valley with renowned companies like Oracle and Altera. He brought his vision of the IT industry of Pakistan and contributed to the foundation of Plan 9 Technology Incubation. He has served the PSEB – Pakistan Software Export Board – as managing director and working as Executive Vice President at the Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan.

8. Zafar Khan

Zafar Khan is a notable name among the top entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Being the founding member of Sofizar – an internet marketing company – he and his team exhibit exemplary skills in Facebook Marketing by selling products to an international audience and generating multimillion dollars. He is known as an accomplished engineer more than just a digital marketer. He has International and US patents for automated consumer advertising technologies. He has served P@SHA as a Vice Chairman and been a part of the central executive committee.

9. Maria Umar

Maria Umar is a name of women empowerment as she founded ‘The Women’s Digital League.’ She took on social entrepreneurship when she faced the challenges of finding jobs in the digital world and unleashing the possibilities. Having found a pool of job opportunities, she made it a mission to help the women of Pakistan in finding jobs in the digital arena. She has taken the initiative after facing challenges in the field. She is committed to connecting writers with clients from around the world. She has excelled in empowering women with her dedication and commitment.

10. Roshaneh Zafar

The lady behind Kashf Foundation is Roshaneh Zafar. Her name comes to the limelight when we discuss microfinancing and women empowerment. She is among the top 10 entrepreneurs in Pakistan for venturing out into the first ever organization that disburses short-term loans to women to encourage them to start a business. It proved a ray of hope to women who were deprived of working rights or faced difficulties in earning a livelihood. Roshaneh reached out to different communities and elevated their lifestyles by providing financial and moral support to women out there. She is a role model for all.

Final Words

Pakistan is home to a series of startups in different fields like technology, software, and social welfare. Covering all the notable entrepreneurs in Pakistan in a post seemed difficult that’s a summarized list is compiled. If you want to add personalities other than the mentioned one, let us know via comments or emails. Thank you

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