How to Be on the Top in Google Search Results in 2019?


Now being on any page other than first in search engine’s index, your website would barely be noticed. So, the competition has increased among businesses against different key phrases that are based on the business solutions they provide. For instance, a company developing software will focus to rank higher against the keyword like ‘software Development Company’. If they succeed in making their presence on the first page and more precisely on the top, there are higher chances they generate more leads than other businesses that offer the same services.

Way back in 2011, Google changed its algorithm to target sites having low-quality content and then in 2015, it started demoting the sites that were spreading fake news. Recently in 2017, Google decided to crack down those sites that were using deceptive ads placed at areas that forbid users to take further actions. When we have a look at the previous year, Google has given leverage to the sites having their websites optimized for smart devices.

As 2019 has approached and people are curious about which SEO practices will thrive them against their competitors.  Here are some important ranking factors that will help you to proceed in 2019.

SEO Elements

Google consider many factors when it comes to rank your site. It keeps on updating its algorithm so the best sites come at the top of the index. Google aims to provide the most accurate results for search queries and that is why it keeps on changing its priorities. Now Google is more concerned about user experience than it ever was, so the website owners are supposed to be extra efficient to be noticeable.

Content Publishing

The ranking of your site hugely depends on the quality of the content present on your site, however, a nicely written content may not get enough valuation in ranking factors if it is not comprehensive. The aim is not to fill it with maximum keywords as you can, but making it extensive and focusing solely on the area of concern can give you leverage. The content should be unique and have no duplication issues. Also, the structure of the HTML also matters a lot as it helps search engine spiders to understand your content better. The goal of your content is needed to be set, whether you are writing to generate leads or you want to educate people on certain topics, it should be certain.

Building Links

There is no doubt that the backlinks are there as a strongest ranking factor for long but the truth is these are still significant to make your website stand out in 2019. Also, the quality of backlinks matters a lot. If the link is coming from a high authority website, it will be a plus for your website’s authority as well.

Remove any spam links that will ruin the reputation of your website. These links are harmful to your website’s ranking and if you spot any of these in your website, don’t hesitate to eliminate them.

WebPage Loading Speed

The traffic on your website hugely relies on its loading speed. Many people tend to leave the website if it takes too much to load so it’s a big ranking factor in SEO terms.

Here are some suggestions to increase the loading speed of your web pages.

  • Reduce sizes of your files like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Compress images present on your web pages, make sure you are not reducing the quality of those images.
  • Reduce HTTP request-response time for images, CSS and scripts, as these redirects will make your page load slower.
  • Make sure each time the user visits the page, the browser doesn’t load the entire page, so leverage browser caching.
  • Make use of Content distribution networks (CDNs).

Voice Search

The ever-increasing growth of Artificial Intelligence will lead its way to the year 2019. There has been a lot of noise in the context of voice-based search though it has yet to be reformed and structured in a proper way which seemed to be consummated in 2019. It is intended to ease the users by providing pertinent answers to long search phrases. A 2014 study reveals that about half of the teens make use of voice search daily.

Though there are hurdles like dialects, social classes, and country-specific predicaments they seem to be sorted out with the upgraded systems.

Mobile Friendly

The mobile design of your websites is crucial these days as 58% of Google searches are performed through mobile devices.  Now your website should not only focus on desktop computers as the huge majority of users prefer smart devices to search for their queries online.

As Google has introduced its mobile-first indexing update, the non-mobile optimized websites got into the trouble as they started to lose their rankings.

The mobile version of your website should be fully featured and equipped as the desktop version of the site. As in 2019, the Google bots along with loading speed, backlinks, better user experience are going to consider a mobile site to rank your brand presence in the search engine index.

Machine Learning

The machine learning systems are considered to be artificially intelligent systems that are able to observe patterns of huge stacks of data and identify profitable niches. Businesses can utilize these systems to generate targeted content maximum customer’s retention.

Also, vendors can make use of these systems to reveal effective niches that are used as the basis to develop future strategies and enhance their capabilities of learning the company’s or product’s outcomes.


The trends related to SEO keep on changing with time. The key to dominate2019 is to understand your audiences, creates a strong authority and perform the right and fundamental SEO activities to reach maximum traffic.
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