How M2 Release makes Magento more Advanced and Superior in Ecommerce


The launch of Magento has taken the eCommerce scenario to another height. Now, the merchants can avail a fast and more reliable platform without paying anything extra. With such an improved open source software, Magento still owns a bigger portion of the market in helping businesses build their online stores.

The latest version, Magento 2, has set new quality standards that allow merchants to have fresh extensions that were installed on the previous version. In line with the foundations laid by the eCommerce platform, developers are also following the standards to help you add functionality to your store without any issue of compliance and compatibility.

How the latest 2.0 version makes Magento a significant eCommerce platform?

The latest improvements in security, speed, and performance of the Magento software signifies the distinct features that are not offered by other alternative platforms. It has been compelling merchants of Magento 1 and other platforms to have Magento 2 for boosting lots of the business operations you are unable to perform due to various restrictions. Following are some of the amazing features you need to know about Magento 2.

Scalability – Magneto is the only platform that documents the needs of a small to medium and large size enterprises. Scalability is often a major concern for small businesses as they are not sure about the near future of their business. They need a platform which easily allows them to expand the scale of online business as they got success.

Flexibility – Being open source software, Magneto offers an immense level of flexibility that allows merchants to have a business specific functionality without facing hurdles.

Customer Experiences – Customer experience is a major focus and Magento address it with unlimited personalization. Every business has a different sort of consumer need and you can accommodate those needs by customizing the platform accordingly.

Payment Security – The enhanced security enables merchants and customers the safest method of paying and receiving payments regardless of the gateways you use such as PayPal, Braintree or

Smooth upgrades – The frequent updates by Magento enable you to easily maintain the store with a few clicks. Maintenance is made easy rather than hiring developers separately for it.

Merchant Friendliness – The enhanced features of the latest version give the merchant more control to supervise different business operations quite easily.

Most demanding Magento 2 Extensions for your store

The Magento 2 platform suffices the needs of a small and medium size business, whereas the need of an additional functionality is felt when they plan to expand the business or turn the website into an attribute shopping center. To help you add more options to your store, we have come up with the most demanding plugins that may match your requirements.

CSV-Based Pricing

CSV based pricing allows you to sell the products with varying sizes by defining the price of each unit. For instance, you can charge customers for fabric or tiles with respect to its length and width.

Restrict Catalog by Customers

With Restrict Catalog by Customers, you can easily conceal products and categories from a selected group of users. You need to define rules in order to block users.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension

Put all the frequently asked questions along with detailed answers and let the users find a solution to their problems quickly. Save yours and your customers’ time with the help of this extension.

GEO IP Ultimate Lock

Blocking traffic from a selected region is a hassle-free task with this plugin. It allows merchants to select countries and ban them from view their store. Most recommended for avoiding spam and irrelevant traffic.

Magneto 2 Currency Switcher

Add this plugin to your store, and it will automatically switch language and currency according to a visitor’s location. It detects the users’ location to let them browse the store in a familiar language and know the price in local currency.

Magento 2 Store Switcher

The GEO IP Default Store detects an IP location of a user and takes him directly to a store where they can find relevant products. The eCommerce websites that host multiple stores for different regions can easily handle traffic with this tool.

Magento 2 Banner Slider

Add banners extension to any of your store pages to make it glow from the rest of the competitors. The transition effects of the banner slider easily convey a marketing and promotional message to a targeted audience.

Request for Quote

Install Request for Quote to enable customers to easily know a cost estimate about a product or service they need to order. It gives a fair idea of price to the customers so that they can easily make a purchase decision.

Category Banners

Beautify the boring categories of your online stores with addition is this simple plugin. It allows you to add multiple banners and set a transition effect to engage customers and let me know about the products.

Magento 2 Photo Gallery

This extension allows the creation of an entire photo gallery on your eCommerce website and connects it to a product as well. Customers can learn more about products by viewing the relevant photos in a lightbox.

Magento 2 Product Videos

Add videos to your product pages to make them look more professional. This extension helps customers to know about products by simply listening to the videos in the comfort of their couch. Either upload or embed multiple videos with a click.

Magento 2 Media Gallery

Have this plugin for quickly creating a media gallery on your store. With the help of this extension, you can add any of the media files including PNG, GIF, MPEG, FLV, MP4 or SWF. The videos can be attached to products as well.

Magento 2 Product Attachments

The Product Attachments plugin enables you to add files, images, tutorials or anything that can assist customers to know more about a product. The attachments are shown with respective icons so that customers know the type of file before downloading.


The selection of an additional plugin depends on your needs. The above-discussed extensions have fascinating features that can help you optimize the store for higher conversions and revenues. If you still require a feature that goes missing in the above list, you can have it added by one of the reliable web developers.
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