How to Make an Exceptional UX by Averting 7 Major Mishaps

Why UX is Important A common mistake that most people do is mix-up User Interface with User Experience. There is a fine line drawn between UI and UX, because the latter is ultimate outcome of UI and other important factors of a website. If you are sitting on a sofa, the arms, the foam and […]

How M2 Release makes Magento more Advanced and Superior in Ecommerce

The launch of Magento has taken the eCommerce scenario to another height. Now, the merchants can avail a fast and more reliable platform without paying anything extra. With such an improved open source software, Magento still owns a bigger portion of the market in helping businesses build their online stores. The latest version, Magento 2, […]

Getting Started with Magento Website Development – 9 Essential Resources

Magento is a renowned open source shopping cart solution that has equally facilitated merchants and retailers around the globe. This platform allows merchants to instantly go live with their products and services to reach a target audience. For developers, Magento is one of the impressive tools to set up a web-shop according to the needs […]