Top Web Developer Skills You Must Have in 2024

top web developer skills

Web development is a multifaceted field. It is concerned with developing websites and web applications. Given the importance of the two, it is safe to assume that web developers will not find themselves short of opportunities any time soon. However, being a web developer is no guarantee of professional growth.

The market is saturated, meaning only skilled and experienced developers can excel. What skills do you need to possess to thrive in this field? It is precisely what we intend to discuss in this blog. Before doing so, let’s briefly delve into the roles and responsibilities of a web developer.

Types of Web Developers

As mentioned above, web developers are responsible for developing websites and web apps. However, web development is a vast field. Therefore, there are further sub-classifications.

Front End

This refers to the visual side of the website or app i.e. the part which users interact with and use. A web developer is responsible for ensuring that everything is visually appealing and there are no issues from the design perspective.

Back End

This involves creating the site or app’s structure. Most of the work is coding-related. However, with the advent of low-code and no-code platforms, the coding work is minimal. Instead, developers mostly use pre-built templates and build their work from there.

Full Stack

These are developers who look after the front and back end. In simple terms, they perform both roles. Usually, this is seen in organisations that don’t have the budget to hire two separate developers.

Web Masters

They are responsible for managing the website. It may include ensuring that all links are updated and regular content is uploaded.

Roles and Responsibilities

As you are now familiar with the types of web developers, let’s delve into their roles and responsibilities.

  • Write code for the website or web app.
  • Review the written code.
  • Ensure seamless integration between the back and front ends.
  • Design the user interface.
  • Collaborate with the design team to ensure there are no integration challenges between functionality and design.
  • Testing the code to identify bugs.
  • Fix the bugs.
  • Incorporate the latest security practices to ensure the website or app is protected against cybersecurity threats.
  • Optimise the website or app to improve performance.
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and continuously acquire new knowledge.

Of course, the roles and responsibilities extend way beyond what we have listed. But these are the most common responsibilities of every web developer. Now, let’s focus on the main point of discussion.

Skills Every Web Developer Must Have in 2024


The two are the backbone of web development. Proficiency in them is the prerequisite for a career in web development. HTML structures the website, whereas CSS is used for the design. Therefore, both help in creating functional and visually appealing websites/web apps.

2. JavaScript

It is a client-side scripting language. It is useful for creating dynamic features such as a responsive design and animations. Given the importance of user experience, JavaScript expertise is key to a successful career in web development.

3. Database Management

Whether it is a website or a web app, it is essential that information is stored, retrieved, and managed efficiently. For this purpose, web developers must have expertise in database systems. The most popular ones are MySQL and NoSQL.

4. Website Optimisation

Web master is one of the four types of web developers. Therefore, web developers must have a working knowledge of website optimisation tools and techniques. It includes image compression and content delivery networks. Another key part of website optimisation is refining the code, ensuring that it is minimal. It helps improve website performance.

5. Responsive Design

The below image shows that the majority of the website traffic comes from mobile devices.

Source: Statista

Hence, web apps and websites must be responsive. A web developer must have detailed knowledge of responsive design elements.

6. Security Awareness

The below image shows top cybersecurity concerns.

Source: Statista

Web developers have a critical role in ensuring the security of the website or web app. For instance, web developers must follow secure coding practices. This helps protect against vulnerabilities. Likewise, implementing robust authentication ensures that data is secure. Implementing HTTPS is another way to encrypt sensitive information. Lastly, web developers are responsible for updating code as new vulnerabilities are discovered.

7. Debugging

There are several tools available for this purpose. Control over these tools is essential to address problems with the code and other elements. While these tools are helpful, they cannot entirely replace human problem-solving skills. These skills are acquirable and can be improved through practice.

8. Front End Framework

The below image shows the most popular web frameworks.

Source: Statista

As the above image shows, Node.js and React are the two most popular web frameworks. For a successful web development career, it is imperative to have expertise in these two frameworks. We recommend that every web developer should have expertise in at least four frameworks. This makes them stand out.

9. Back End Programming

The image below shows the most popular programming languages.

Source: Statista

Python and Ruby are widely used nowadays. Even though web development trends keep changing, we are confident that these two languages will remain a must-have skill. Therefore, improve your understanding of the two.

10. Continuous Learning

You may have expertise in multiple front-end frameworks and back-end programming languages. On top of that, you may have a strong portfolio. All of it can quickly become irrelevant if you don’t have a continuous learning attitude. As the field of web development is ever-evolving, individuals must remain up to date.

It means acquiring new skills and knowledge whenever possible. You don’t need to necessarily go back to university to acquire skills and knowledge. You may opt for online courses or find yourself a mentor. Apply whatever you have learned to a new project to test yourself.


This concludes our articles on the top 10 skills web developers must have in 2024. Without these skills, your web development career is effectively over. By focusing on these 10 areas, you can attain considerable success in this field.

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