Top 10 App Development Companies in Pakistan

top app development companies in pakistan

Software and app development is a billion-dollar industry that’s flourishing across the globe and in Pakistan too. accepting the latest technologies and gadgets has raised new forms of challenges. Such modern issues demand modern solutions.

Pakistan is also among the few countries that have quickly adopted digital transformation where people use fast modes of communication for their studies and businesses and explore new ways of career growth. It has led many computer science graduates to offer their expertise to the world at large because the internet has given them the wings to stay and work across boundaries.

The saga of serving global clients with app and software development expanded so much that it has impacted the economy to a great extent. In a report, Pakistan Software Export Board projects software exports to reach $3.5 billion in 2022 and about $5 billion in 2023. Pakistan has a strong academia and a vast network of software and IT companies to produce a pool of talent that suffice global needs. From the pool, we have selected the top 10 App Development Companies for you to find out how they work and how they can help you achieve business goals.

10 Best App Development Companies in Pakistan

1. United Sol

United Sol stands high on the list for being an award-winning mobile app development company in Pakistan. It has bagged the award twice from the competent authority of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It has been more than 15 years since the company is serving clients with innovative web and mobile app solutions to its local as well as global clientele. Besides the top-tier mobile application technologies, United Sol possesses expertise in eCommerce platforms to help online store owners turn their web shops into mobile applications.

2. Cubix

Cubix is an award-winning apps development company that has got expertise in its domain. The software products they are experts in include games, mobile applications, and ERM. Being founded by Salman Lakhani, the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

If we talk specifically about their experts in enterprise application development, you will be amazed to explore their unmatched portfolio in customizing, developing, and integrating complex solutions. They have a team of passionate developers who are settled with a single solution or technology, which is the reason they are honing their skills in e-learning, the internet of things, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

It has been 12 years since the company is offering its services to clients from far and wide. They have offices in Karachi, Florida, and Dubai.

3. Codes Orbit

Establishing a company and making it grow at a fast pace is something quite hard to believe but Codes Orbit has done it with its exemplary services and defined goals. It offers a wide array of services and solutions to clients across different niches and industries.

The company is housed by a competent team of programmers who continuously learn and try advanced technologies and techniques. The team is supported by cofounders who are charged with the spirit to excel in quality and client satisfaction.

The company also exhibits expertise in developing applications using artificial intelligence. It is the reason they have earned a name in simple mobile applications to the large and complex ones.

4. Aspired

If hiring an individual app developer is not a solution to your growing business, Aspired can help you hire a dedicated team. This mobile app development company is known for hiring the best programmers and forms and talent pool for clients to select from.

Being cofounded by coding experts, the company is powered by software engineers and seasoned developers to understand client requirements in a better way so that only suitable resources are deputed.

To make the recruitment process crystal clear, their team carries multiple tests to evaluate technical, written, and behavioral aspects that lead to a final interview. It is based in West Palm Beach, CL with offices in Pakistan and UAE.

5. Chakor

Chakor is a bit more distinct than the rest of the top app development companies for using no-code tools. The reasons behind choosing the no-code philosophy are switching to modern design practices and ensuring fast product development.

The company utilizes tools like glide, airtable, adalo, zapier, integromat, etc. any startup or business organization that wants speedy development or quick feature enhancement can hire Chakor for its advantage. They have an astounding fast speed at delivering features.


With more than 13 years of industry-rich experience, RIKSOF also leads custom mobile app development for having delivered 500+ projects successful to global clients. It is an award-winning agency for mobile and web applications.

RIKSOF has developed applications for education, healthcare, retail, real estate, telecom and internet, and startup and digital marketplaces. It has been quite successful in retaining good terms with reputable clients both in the local and global markets.

7. Square63

Square63 deals in mobile and web application development for a different range of organizations let it be small businesses, startups, agencies, large enterprises, or IT teams. The company has got expertise in top-notch tools and technologies like AngularJS, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Flutter, iOS, and Android.

The use of modern strategies has helped them deliver exceptional quality services. The secret recipe behind its success is strong, prompt, and continuous client communication. The company updates the client each day to get the requirements right so that an exact product is developed.

8. DevBatch

DevBatch is founded by an industry veteran and a true entrepreneur, who has gone through a lot in making his way to serving Fortune 500 companies. It was only possible because of growing a founder-oriented startup into a team-run company. The team is geared toward top software engineers, mobile app developers, designing experts, marketing ninjas, and business strategy gurus.

DevBatch pursues premium and scalable software development solutions so that a small company can find it easier to expand with time. The company is a proud employer for being hiring top talent who product ideation experts, eager to learn, and love what they are assigned.

9. HYFA Tech

It happens that most of the time your business needs a dedicated mobile app developer to kick-start the idea initially and think about hiring a team at a later stage. HYFA Tech is your go-to place to seek assistance with your mobile app ideas.

Hyfa Tech is growing at a fast pace in different technologies and services. it specializes in web and mobile, and UI/UX development. The team is proficient in penning down your ideas so that a more practical and viable product can be planned that ultimately represents what you have in your mind. Drop them a message to work with the remote team.

10. CodeLabs

CodeLab deals in a wide array of services, among which, web and mobile solution development come at the top of their expertise. The company has been delivering unmatched software solutions to clients across the globe for more than a decade now. If you need to develop a business app, convert a website into a mobile app, or refine the user experience, CodeLabs is the answer to your solutions.

Final words

Hiring a mobile app developer or a dedicated company depends on the scope and scale of your project. A company that has established over a decade has secured expertise in different markets and niches and retains a pool of talent for you to choose from. I hope the above list can assist you to sort out a technology your company can rely upon.

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