Top 10 AI Companies in Pakistan

top AI companies in Pakistan

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the driving force behind technological innovations. The emergence of AI has transformed every industry, be it healthcare, manufacturing, banking, or marketing. Pakistan’s thriving tech industry has witnessed a remarkable increase in AI companies. These companies are pushing the boundaries of AI and putting Pakistan on the map of top contributors to AI.

According to Statista, the AI market is set to reach US$ 658.10 million in 2023. Its annual growth rate is more than 20%, meaning the AI market is set to cross $2 billion by 2023. Although it is considerably smaller when compared to other countries, it is still a significant achievement, considering the economic and political challenges plaguing the country. The figure below shows the market breakdown by each sector.

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Source: Statista

Given the market’s large size and projected growth, there is a need to know who the biggest players in this industry are. This article discusses the top 10 AI companies in Pakistan. These companies operate in various sectors, including healthcare.

Pakistan’s Top 10 AI Companies

1. Systems Limited

The first on the list also happens to be one of the biggest IT companies in Pakistan. It is spearheading the research on AI, ensuring businesses benefit from its capabilities. One of the core focuses of this company is generative AI. It believes that generative AI has the ability to revolutionise the business landscape. It would allow businesses to realise considerable cost savings and improve customer satisfaction.

2. NetSol Technologies

While the company deals with a wide range of clients from different industries, it specializes in the banking industry. Therefore, a lot of its AI solutions are targeted towards banks. NetSol is targeting high instances of fraud in the banking industry. It is well documented that AI can help prevent fraudulent transactions and help conduct the know your customer (KYC) process in a more streamlined manner.

3. Affiniti

This is not your typical customer contact centre company. It is the pioneer in this field and it reached this stage only after integrating AI. The company uses AI to improve the quality of conversations between customers and contact centre agents. It connects customers with agents that align perfectly with their requirements. It improves the customer satisfaction rates and ensures life-long customers.

4. Dice Analytics

This company is more than a training institute. It excels in AI and data science. It offers a wide range of services, including OCR text recognition. It scans your physical records and extracts valuable insights from it. Additionally, it offers sentiment analysis services. Understand what customers are saying about your product, service, or brand. Use the information to make changes accordingly.

5. United Sol

It is a leading web development company in Islamabad. Just like any other industry, AI is playing a transformative role in web development. It helps companies and individuals create engaging web experiences. However, AI’s role extends beyond traditional web development. Companies like United Sol are using it to set up conversational chatbots, create content, and implement search engine optimization.

6. CodeNinja

It is a software development company that has quickly established itself as the go-to choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations. AI has been a big helper for the software development industry. It has accelerated software development times and reduced manual testing in quality assurance. CodeNinja utilizes AI in different areas as well, including UI/UX design services.

7. Confiz

Despite having the resources, organisations still find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to AI. They don’t know where to start. This is where organisations like Confiz can play a big role. It offers AI and data consulting services. With its data-driven processes, Confiz delivers results. This has worked with a host of big companies, including Procter & Gamble, Hardees, and McDonald.

8. 10Pearls

Although 10Pearls has been around for a long time, it is only recently that the company has emerged as a top player in the tech industry. Its growth is down to the transformative power of AI. Whether it is a first-time adoption or expanding your current AI infrastructure, 10Pearls can help in every aspect. The company excels in various areas, including facial recognition, robotic vision, and event detection.

9. Microsoft

When it comes to AI, the conversation is incomplete without talking about Microsoft. This company and other tech giants like Amazon are perfect examples of what organisations with AI can achieve. Microsoft offers a host of products that leverage the power of AI, including Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. With the company introducing new licenses, AI has come within the reach of every business and individual.

10. AlphaVenture

This company has a host of AI products to offer, including a ChatGPT equivalent called the AIAV Twitter Bot. This bot can create personalized content based on an individual’s social media persona. It makes it easier to mimic their style and tone. It is also working on an image-generation tool that can work in English and Arabic language. The company has recently partnered with Tajreedpro, a Saudi-based organisation.


This sums up our article on the top 10 AI companies in Pakistan. As you can see, these companies operate in different industries. While AI is indeed a revolutionary technology, there is a need to regulate it. The purpose is to prevent its misuse. Otherwise, there will be widespread opposition against it. This can halt the widespread adoption of AI. Given its transformational power, moving away from AI or delaying its implementation is equivalent to taking 10 steps back.

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