What is SaaS? Top 10 SaaS Companies in Pakistan

saas companies in pakistan

Pakistan is a renowned name in the global IT industry despite the country still being a far way away from realising even a fraction of its potential. In the context of IT, Pakistan is witnessing a growth in companies offering software as a service (SaaS). These companies are enhancing the operational effectiveness of other businesses and allowing them to benefit from the latest software without incurring substantial costs.

This article will discuss Pakistan’s top 10 software as a service companies and elaborate on SaaS with examples for a better understanding of the term. The discussion goes one step further by comparing Pakistan’s SaaS sector with other countries to understand the country’s current position in the global SaaS Development Company industry.

What is SaaS?

You already know what the term stands for, but what does it actually mean? It refers to a business model where businesses or individuals can use software on a subscription basis. The software is cloud-hosted, meaning the end user does not need to worry about related infrastructure and can access it through a web browser (the most common way).

Examples of SaaS

As a leading eCommerce development company in Pakistan, let’s give you an example of eCommerce-related SaaS. Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform due to its ease of use and scalability. People don’t realise that Shopify is a perfect example of SaaS. All a user needs to do is select the desired plan, upload their products, and start managing their store.

Shopify handles all the technical aspects related to the store, including the programming and resources required to keep the store running flawlessly. If a user needs additional resources, they only need to upgrade their plan, and that’s it. Another popular SaaS in eCommerce is Salesforce. It is the world’s number 1 customer relationship management platform.

It is pertinent to understand that SaaS is not limited to any specific industry or area. Instead, one can find SaaS products for almost every industry, including marketing, human resource management, project management, and finance. As users need not worry about updates, debugging, or infrastructure, SaaS has become popular among businesses and individuals.

Top 10 SaaS Companies in Pakistan

1. United Sol

It is a familiar name in Pakistan’s IT industry. As a recipient of various awards, United Sol. is the epitome of customer satisfaction. What makes the company unique in the context of SaaS is that it caters to multiple industries. It designs innovative solutions that can address each industry’s pain points. One of its notable SaaS products is OnTrack, an online delivery management system.

2. Systems Limited

It is a renowned name in the global IT industry. The company is present in 5 continents and employs almost 10,000 people directly. The company’s SaaS applications cater to diverse needs. The company boasts numerous clients, ranging from Khaadi to Allied Bank. The company’s suite of cloud-based software optimises operations, streamlines processes, and enhances productivity.

3. Abacus Consulting

The company helps implement or manage other SaaS platforms on behalf of your organisation. However, it does not mean that it does not have any products of its own. Abacus Consulting is a leading name in cloud and emerging technologies. Their SaaS products are focused on multiple areas, including human resource management. HR is the backbone of any organisation, and this company’s HRTech’s cloud-based platform simplifies every aspect of HR management. Everything is streamlined, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and payroll processing.

4. NdcTech

While it is a subsidiary of Systems Limited, it merits a separate mention. This company is solely focused on the financial and banking industry. It offers pre-packaged solutions and fully customisable software to address every client’s unique requirements. This company’s work on the Pakistan Single Window Project is a testament to its innovation. The company developed a program connecting banks with traders and other stakeholders to expedite the process.

5. Eccountant Cloud ERP

With a primary focus on accounting and financial management, this company’s cloud-based solutions cater to individuals and businesses. For businesses, it offers comprehensive accounting software that can handle everything from invoicing to tax compliance. Their commitment to user-friendly interfaces and real-time financial insights has earned them a top position in the financial SaaS market.

6. Trukkr

It is reshaping the world of logistics management through its innovative SaaS platform. Given the poor condition of Pakistan’s logistics industry and how it has a domino effect on other aspects of the business, Trukkr’s innovative solution is highly needed. By offering a digital logistics platform with native financial features, Trukkr is improving the overall supply chain. The result is greater control and agility in a highly competitive market.

7. Unity Retail

This platform empowers sellers to benefit from a platform that addresses every possible need, ranging from delivery, tracking, and receiving payments (cash on delivery). The platform has multiple automated features such as ‘Automated Shipping Rules’ that streamline the entire process. The seller need not verify each order before processing, which is indeed a tedious process. The price is as low as Rs. 97 per 500 grams, while you can even set your own terms under the ‘Enterprise’ plan.

8. Oware

Moving your supply chain to the cloud is a decision that most businesses in Pakistan won’t take lightly. After all, they are accustomed to the manual way of doing things. Oware addresses this problem by offering an easy-to-use platform that handles every aspect of supply chain management. Inventory, warehouse, and transport management is made easier through a single platform. The company counts Pepsi, Total, PandaMart, and Dominos among its customers. The users report a 30% improvement in order processing times.

9. Jazz Business Solutions

While most Pakistanis know Jazz as only the cellular service provider, it has other business verticals. One of them is Business Solutions. As the term indicates, this business vertical is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of Pakistani businesses. One such solution is the Field Force Management solution that helps organisations track their employees in the field. The purpose is to find ways to improve efficiency and ensure employees follow organisational policies.

10. Verge Systems

Most people believe that the most valuable resource or source of competitive advantage for any organisation is the employees. Verge Systems’ Web Human Resource application lets businesses start managing their workers in less than 20 minutes. It acts as a scheduler, allowing management to assign shifts based on workload or availability. It also has modules for performance management, attendance tracking, and training. The company also specialises in non-HR software.

Comparing Pakistan’s SaaS Sector With Others

Unfortunately, despite the talent available in the country, Pakistan has barely scratched the surface when it comes to SaaS. The revenue generated by these companies or business functions is quite low. For 2023, Pakistan’s SaaS revenue stands at only $202.20 million.

Source: Statista

In comparison, India’s revenue is $2149 million. It shows that there is much to be done about it. Otherwise, Pakistani SaaS companies will never make it big on the international stage. Other countries, including India, have raced ahead in the SaaS sector primarily because of the market size, talent pool, and startup ecosystem.

For instance, India, the US, and China are large markets due to their population size and number of businesses. A SaaS company finds enough customers in the home market to help it post remarkable growth. This financial boost allows it to refine its product further and expand overseas.


Pakistan’s SaaS sector has the potential to grow into a billion-dollar industry. However, it requires earnest action on the part of all the stakeholders. The government and academia need to ensure that the youth are imparted the skills necessary to excel in this field. SaaS companies need to focus on innovation to create value for their clients.

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