10 Best Marketing Ideas for Startup Business in Pakistan

marketing ideas for startup business

For a startup, managing financial resources is among the topmost priorities. In most cases, the owner has invested their own money into establishing the startup, making sound financial management all the more important. The wrong decisions can drive a startup to the ground well before it can develop and market the business idea. Usually, startups have a preference for copy-pasting marketing ideas of large brands.

Not only is it impractical and expensive, but it is also the least effective way to engage the target audience. Large organisations can afford to pay millions to celebrities, air an ad during prime time, and much more. For a startup, the options are limited. They must operate within a very tight budget. Therefore, startups must be careful when selecting a marketing strategy. The marketing ideas must be budget-friendly and effective.

This article discusses the 10 best marketing ideas for startup businesses in Pakistan.

Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Pakistani Startups

1. Content Marketing

Content is king and will always remain so. However, the emphasis must be on quality, not quantity. There are different forms of content, including blogs, videos, infographics, eBooks, and white papers. Focus on the most relevant content type depending on your startup’s sector. As a leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we recommend blogs, infographics, and short videos. These are the most effective in engaging audiences.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Regardless of your niche, start your website’s SEO early on. Improve your search engine rankings to drive organic traffic. A higher ranking will increase your visibility. It can be a great way to find clients and potential partners. When working on SEO, conduct robust keyword research. Use tools like Moz, Ahrefs, or Google Keyword Planner to find the relevant keywords.

However, SEO is more than incorporating keywords into the content. The website’s technical side is equally important in determining your search engine ranking. For example, Google factors a website’s loading speed and mobile responsiveness into its search engine ranking algorithm. The website must have a proper structure to make it easy for the crawler to access your website.

If you are considering optimising your website, here are the Top 12 Best SEO Companies in Pakistan.

3. Social Media Marketing

Search for any established brand or startup, and you’ll find they have an active social media presence. Even if you don’t like social media, it is critical to your startup’s success. If you are operating in the B2B domain, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most appropriate platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are ideal for B2C startups. Your content must be original and engaging. Do not copy ideas from other brands!

4. Host Webinars

Webinars are an essential tool for organisations to engage with their audience. It brings together people from different areas in a virtual classroom. A webinar is usually focused on a specific topic. In the case of a startup, the webinar may focus on the startup’s new business idea. The underlying purpose is to highlight your organisation’s expertise in the industry.

5. Referral Program

The best way to engage with your audience is to let others do it on your behalf. You can reap considerable benefits when incentivising others to market your product or service. The only thing you must ensure is the referral program is lucrative. Otherwise, no individual or business would opt to market someone else’s product or service. The right referral program can create loyal brand advocates.

6. Get Featured in a Renowned Magazine or Newspaper

Top brands often feature in leading newspapers or magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or the Harvard Business Review. A positive mention in such renowned publications can boost a startup’s credibility. More importantly, it can increase its visibility. A startup can build upon this by engaging smaller platforms for a featured article or mention.

7. Events and Conferences

Every industry has various events and conferences throughout the year. A startup owner can attend as a visitor, guest speaker, or set up a stall. Usually, there is a fee for all three, but businesses are guaranteed a significant and instant return on investment. These gatherings are also a great way to explore potential partnerships and collaborations with other startups or businesses.

8. Guest Posts on Popular Websites

The world’s top websites allow you to publish guest posts for a fee. The fee can range from anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands. A guest post on a renowned website with a do-follow backlink is the perfect way to improve your visibility on search engines. Secondly, top websites have millions of unique visitors each month. Even if a fraction visits your website, it is worth the money.

9. Contest Hosting

Everyone loves a contest, including your target audience. Hosting a contest is a cost-effective way to generate publicity for your startup. We recommend cash prizes or discounts on your product/services to make the contest successful. Within any target audience, there are multiple segments. Based on our experience, we recommend offering different prizes for each segment.

It will make the contest appealing to all the segments. Another recommendation is to ask your audience to tag your startup’s account in social media posts. Account tagging must be a prerequisite for participating in the contest. When a large number of people tag your account, it will boost your online visibility. Do not forget to announce the winner, as it is critical to building trust.

10. Email and SMS Marketing

Although it may seem outdated, email and SMS marketing are still quite effective. There are several platforms which can help you with email and SMS marketing. Mailchimp and HubSpot are quite popular in this category. Therefore, if you are considering this marketing idea for your startup, explore the two platforms first.


Our experience tells us that these are the most effective marketing ideas for startup businesses in Pakistan. Of course, if funding is not an issue, startups can experiment with high-budget marketing strategies such as TV ads, celebrity endorsements, and high-end event sponsorships. Irrespective of the marketing strategy, startups must ensure the content is unique and connects with the target audience. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and money.

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