10 Best Investment Opportunities in Pakistan for High-Return Options

best investment opportunities in pakistan

It is hard to find opportunities that are worth investing in. You may have savings but are unable to decide where to invest. You might be busy in a day job or a business, and want your funds to replicate or increase without much of your involvement. It is the case with most of us. To help you explore more; we are bringing you some of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan in this blog post. Review each of them as these are going to help you seek financial freedom, build assets, and create multiple streams of income.

List of Top 10 Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

1. Start or Invest in a business

For anyone to jumpstart a business, it is recommended to start small and grow as the startup gets traction. You may find several small investment opportunities in Pakistan in the small and medium-sized business sectors.

If you know how to sell a product or service, you can go on to work independently. Work on your skills or choose a product you are aware of and start selling it. Starting a business from scratch may be difficult, that’s why you can look into investment options.

Retailers who spend more than 12 hours in their shops and outlets are often stuck in expansion plans. They may need funds to step out of the traditional loop and try something new within their business that no one else is doing. They have ideas, they have the expertise, but they don’t have funds. Find such a retailer, verify his or her trustworthiness, and provide a helping hand in terms of investment. Write down the terms and conditions, make sure the partner understands and agrees to, and you are good to go.

2. Real Estate

Real estate is recommended across the globe. The value of land or property is meant to increase with every passing day. It is one of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan as you may hardly lose money until a bigger scam, fraud, or natural calamity happens.

Being a developing country, Pakistan is still lagging in providing better shelter and housing projects to the growing population. It is the reason new housing societies and hi-rise projects are starting every day. Search for a project that is developed and marketed by reliable firms. Find a project worth investing and you are going to get a better return over three to five years.

3. Agriculture

Agriculture is our identity. We all are connected to it as it is what our ancestors have been doing for ages. It is this instinct that we are still attracted to agriculture in terms of kitchen gardening, backyard gardening, and rooftop gardening.

It is the time to think beyond it. To most of my mates, the agriculture business is somewhat backward and suits people from the countryside. It is not the case. Now we can vouch for the best investment ideas in Pakistan related to agriculture and make a fortune out of it.

One model is to own a piece of agricultural land and lease it. The farmer will share the crop yield the conventional way. It can be wheat, rice, sugarcane, or vegetable. Agriculture land can be used for dairy production and farming for goats, cows, poultry, and fish. Deciding the scale depends on the available finances.

4. Software and IT

Pakistan is rapidly growing in the IT and software development sector. We have been leading the list of top tech and tech-enabled services providers across the web. We are taking advantage of the talented millennial population.

Fresh IT and computer science graduates are now passionate to pursue their dream projects rather than finding jobs. It is the reason; we are seeing innovative startups in our surroundings. If you are looking for the best opportunity for investment in Pakistan, the software industry is here to suffice your needs.
Collaborate with leading tech evangelists and venture capitalists to find startups worth investing in.

Several businesses need funding in the initial stages. They have unique ideas that can have huge potential. Partner with the one that seems to be a viable solution for a pressing need. Study the startup before handing over the funds as it is considered a risky investment option. If executed the right way, it is to pay back the highest returns.

5. Gold

Converting your hard-earned money to gold is the wisest decision you can ever make if you are not going to use the cash for long. Gold is among the safest investment schemes as it maintains the buying power of your cash with the increasing prices of gold.

In Pakistan, it is a norm to keep savings in gold and sell it when needed. It works as insurance for the odd times. Parents sell it to ensure the kids get higher education, construct or renovate a home, get their gets married, or finance their businesses.

In addition to your long-term investment plans, gold serves you well for short-term gains. Buy pure gold when the prices are low, and hold and sell when the price goes up. Keep the principal amount, and enjoy the surplus.

6. Collectibles

It is a huge and rewarding category among investment opportunities in Pakistan, but quite a few are familiar with it. The idea is to collect limited edition items at a low price, hold them, and sell them when the prices are higher or when someone is willing to pay higher for them. This may include collecting coins, stamps, artwork, watches and clocks, classic cars and bikes, art and craft, furniture, and electronics.

One of my uncles had a habit of collecting wrest watches of a specific brand. He had it collected from the repair shops for cheap prices and sold them higher online under the category of antiques. Similarly, the coins in your grandfather’s drawer may be worth thousands of dollars to others.

Collectibles are appreciated by a specific group of people. To make the most out of your investments, you must reach out to the people who know the true value of it. In Pakistan, that old Vespa scooter you are thinking about selling in scrap can be restored and sold for 10X its scrap value. It can be a Fiat car or a wrangler jeep. Find something that may be worth a lot after simple repairs or restoration, and make money out of it.

7. Buy Shares

Buying stocks in best-performing companies is considered safe. Though we have a huge list of multinational companies to invest in, there are lots of prominent names in corporate and other sectors that are owned and operated by locals.

Investing in stocks gives you two-fold benefits. First, you get dividends (profit) at the year-end. Secondly, the share value increases over time. You may need to open an account with a stock exchange broker and seek their professional assistance in selecting companies to invest in.

To be on the safe side, you need to study the stock market for a few months to see which company is performing better in terms of stocks and financial statements. At the end of each financial year, every company has to publish its accounts and financial reports in the best interest of the public. Study a few of them and you are good to go with a risk-minimized investment portfolio.

8. Mutual Funds

Banking and financial institutes in Pakistan have to offer several saving plans. They have savings accounts, term deposits, and lots of other investment options. However, mutual funds seem to be a better alternative if you want to avoid interest-related investments.

Mutual funds are collected and managed by banks to invest in profitable businesses and projects. It works by collecting funds and pooling them to invest in bigger projects. The investors get their investment risk minimized as the funds are managed by finance experts who have a close eye on the market.

The risks and rewards are equally distributed among the investors, which is why people in Pakistan consider it among the rightful (halal) investment opportunities in Pakistan. Various banking companies have secured approvals from Islamic scholars for mutual funds.

9. Prize bonds

Prize bonds with several denominations are issued by the National Savings Bank of Pakistan to acquire funding, invest it in bigger projects, and award its holders with prizes. It also supports the economy in managing the cash flow which leads to better inflation control practices. Previously, investors were not bound to register prize bonds in their names.

The previous government took the initiative to document them. Now to issue a prize of a higher denomination, you will need to visit the bank and issue them in your name. It entitles you to an annual interest as well as the prize if luck favors you.

It is among the safest investment opportunities in Pakistan with the biggest yield. It has been a favorite saving strategy of our senior citizens for decades. They took it as a game and follow the rules they have devised over the years, and it works for them.

10. Renewable Energy

It is the future of Pakistan. The deteriorating situation of power-generating dams and the increasing demand for power consumption need more startups and solutions around renewable energy.

Pakistan is a tropical country which makes it suitable for solar and wind power generation products. Some of the best investment ideas in Pakistan include initiating a biomass energy or small hydropower project.

Start an engineering company that provides residential and commercial consumers with solar power installation and maintenance solutions. Farmers and agrarians can be also served modern solutions. Help them water their lands by installing solar panels on the same land or power up a dairy farm by generating biogas.


Investing in any business or project is always full of risk. To glean your eyes on higher returns, you will have to take the risk. But make sure you calculate the risk. Business or partnership in Pakistan results soon in a dispute or dissolution as a conflict arises, as people pay little attention to documenting the terms and conditions.

To ensure your investment is secure, choose the companies that are allowed to collect funding such as banking and investment management companies. Do not fall for the Ponzi schemes are few of them still working in the local markets promising huge returns on investment. If you are still left with no idea to invest, read this post again. If you know the best investment ideas in Pakistan that are not mentioned in this post, let us know and we will be pleased to add them.

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