10 Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan is rapidly growing into the web space. It has turned into a hub of freelancing, IT services, software houses, and eCommerce ventures. Conventional businesses are trying digital and virtual mediums for maximizing their sales and conversion, while new online stores are launching innovative products to reach a local and global audience.

To achieve it all without reliable web hosting companies in Pakistan is near impossible. Web hosting proves to be the foundation or the stepping stone of the digital world. You need a website to promote a business, gain credibility, enter into the corporate world, or selling products or services online. We bring you a list best web hosting in Pakistan to review, compare, and hire the one that suffices your business needs.

Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

1. Tezhost

Tezhost was established in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, but soon expanded across the country. Being based by a reputable IT services company, TezHost provides the best web hosting in Pakistan. With the best speed and performance of hosting services, the company has earned clients from different fields. It includes corporate entities, agencies, small businesses, professionals, and bloggers. Its unprecedented customer satisfaction, the company has expanded to other regions like UK, UAE, USA, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and India. The basic hosting costs are as low as Rs. 104 per month.

2. Host break

Hostbreak started its journey back in 2001 when few people knew the purpose and significance of web hosting companies in Pakistan. It is serving thousands of clients that include small companies, agencies, law firms and accountants, hospitals, and non-government organizations. The company is committed to keeping the quality standards high and keeps it improving regardless of the increasing number of its clients. They have a variety of plans according to the nature and scale of a business. You can start with shared hosting and move to dedicated servers and advanced solutions. The hosting plan starts with as low as Rs. 125 per month.

3. Ahostking

Ahostking is a reliable web hosting service provider that is known for affordable plans for domain purchase, hosting, and technical support. Despite the lowest prices, they have kept their quality of service high so that the entire business community can take advantage of modern web solutions. To further facilitate clients, the company provides around-the-clock support via chat, email, and phone. You can get shared hosting, dedicated and cloud servers, and reseller accounts to host multiple websites or work as an agency. Their plan starts from Rs. 210 per month.

4. WebSouls

WebSouls is powered by well-learned IT professionals who are committed to retaining the status of being the best web hosting in Pakistan. The company focuses on supreme quality services with special attention to hosting speed, support, performance, security, and uptime. The company is proud to have IT and digital solutions in abundance. It supports young and budding entrepreneurs and businessmen to have a strong digital footprint with high-speed and reliable hosting. It extends a helping hand to clients with advanced solutions like web and eCommerce development services. The hosting plans are also quite pocket-friendly for small and medium-sized businesses. It starts from Rs. 360 per month.

5. MWHoster

If you need unparalleled services of a web domain and hosting, MWHoster is your go-to place. The company has designed various hosting plans according to the nature and scope of businesses. Their professional interacts with your focal person to understand the purpose and goal of your business website so that a suitable plan is suggested. The company goes a step ahead in customer satisfaction with a 7-day trial period. You can avail the services for a week without payment and sign-up for a hosting plan when satisfied. Their plans start from Rs. 107 a month.

6. DigiRak

DigiRak is the next-generation web hosting provider in Pakistan as it believes in bringing your conventional businesses to the new and innovative channels of the virtual world. The old methods of running and advertising a business are no more working in the digital era. The company brings top talent to consult, develop, and host your websites or online stores on the most secure, fast, and reliable hosting servers. Keeping your website running and performing well are the ultimate goals of a hosting company and it is successfully doing the job. The hosting plans start from Rs. 215 a month.

7. AgaHost

Calling a company the best among its competitors is always difficult, but Agahost deserves to be the best web hosting in Pakistan. It is managing more than 4000 hosting accounts that are connected to about 20,000 domains. It is leading the industry with WhatsApp support, a money-back guarantee, 99.9% uptime, and video tutorials. Personal websites, portfolios, or resume websites can easily be developed after watching their series of helpful videos. With easy and multiple ways to pay for the hosting plan, you can avail the services from any corner of the world. Their plans start with Rs. 647 per month.

8. PakChamp

Since its inception, WebHoster soon became the talk of the town for its exceptional services. Getting premium quality services from the best web hosting in Pakistan is often expensive that’s why WebHoster came with affordable yet reliable services. It has filled the gap with unprecedented services at low prices. The company has earned a portfolio of loyal clients from Pakistan, UAE, and Thailand and it is expanding to other regions as well. Their web hosting starts at Rs. 237 per month.

9. InhostPk

InhostPk is dedicated to superior web hosting services as it allows you to choose from different solutions. It has tailored a wide variety of plans that are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company has a credible name in shared and dedicated hosting services. You can have a complete server if you want a website that is loaded with different media and content. Specific listings for business hosting are also drawn to help you select a suitable one. Taking the basic plan can cost you Rs. 208 per month.

10. HosterPk

HosterPK is among the few hosting companies in Pakistan that believe in rendering incredible services rather than making money without delivering value. The company takes great care in listening to the client’s needs to that a workable solution is recommended. Though that are various ready-to-take hosting plans, however, clients with complex requirements can get dedicated servers or customized plans. Their shared hosting may cost you Rs. 250 per month.


Web hosting is the soul of an online business. Let it be a simple and static website or an online store, the hosting server is the driving force behind it. You need to avail services of reliable hosting companies in Pakistan to host your website on fast, affordable, and secure servers.


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