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PrestaShop has emerged as one of the most popular and powerful eCommerce platforms. Owing to its free of cost availability and open source nature, it provides the best eCommerce solution for small businesses. The platform was built on PHP code and MySQL data management and supports almost all popular payment gateways such as Google Checkout and PayPal. Moreover, the ease of use and flexibility is amazing and compared to other eCommerce platforms; it requires lesser server services.

The incredible customization ability is the premier reason why PrestaShop is the preferred eCommerce platform. There are hundreds if not thousands of free and paid modules available that you can integrate with your store to add a good amount of juice to your website. However, if you are a beginner with PrestaShop, choosing the right PrestaShop modules may appear to be a daunting task.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the very best PrestaShop modules that you must add to your website to enhance its functionality and improve the user experience.

PrestaShop Blog Module

The PrestaShop Blog Module allows you to integrate the blog functionality to your eCommerce store so that you can share the latest happening of your niche on your blog. A very simple, nice and user-friendly blog module designed and developed for PrestaShop by FME Modules. Now you can integrate a full flash blog to your PrestaShop website just by adding this simple module. Share news, videos, images and much more with your audience and keep them updated with your business on regular basis.

Some Features of PrestaShop Blog Module:

  • Option for list view and grid view layout
  • Show or hide breadcrumbs on blog
  • Different layout options i.e. one column, two columns etc.
  • Sorting blog posts
  • Display date and time

PrestaShop Friendly URL Module

The PrestaShop Friendly URL Module is a powerful tool designed to enhance the aesthetics and search engine optimization (SEO) of your website’s URLs, specifically those associated with products, categories, and various types of content. This module works by taking long, complex, and dynamic URLs and converting them into shorter, more user-friendly, and comprehensible formats by removing IDs and Numbers. For example, it can transform a URL like “” into a much cleaner “”

Some Features of PrestaShop Friendly URL Module:

  • Removes IDs and Numbers from URLs with a single click
  • Auto redirects old URLs to new ones
  • Generates a conflicting URL report

PrestaShop SEO Module

PrestaShop SEO module offer a versatile array of features designed to bolster your website’s visibility in search engine rankings, thereby driving greater organic traffic. They empower you to fine-tune crucial elements such as meta tags, encompassing meta titles, descriptions, and keywords, allowing for customized optimization on individual product pages, categories, and other site components. The provision of XML sitemaps aids search engines in effectively indexing your site’s content, while the management of canonical URLs helps thwart any potential issues stemming from duplicate content.

Features of PrestaShop SEO Module

  • Generating sitemaps and configuring robots.txt files
  • Configuring and activating Google social profiles
  • Automatically setting meta titles and descriptions for your products, categories, and CMS pages across multiple languages
  • Implementing 301, 302, and 303 redirects for efficient page redirection
  • Option to incorporate product cards for sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • Managing the indexing preferences for CMS, categories, and catalog pages

PrestaShop Pre Order

This PrestaShop module allows your customers to subscribe to your out of stock products, pre-order the products and pay in advance. Your customers can subscribe to your out of stock products and once the product is back, the subscribed customers will receive a stock notification email. This pre-order module for PrestaShop helps store owners to sell products that are currently out of stock and manage the products in a better way.

Features of PrestaShop Pre Order Module

  • Add a countdown timer to promotions
  • Customers can view the countdown timer
  • Notify button in AJAX based environment
  • Customers can see a countdown timer for the availability of out of stock products
  • Can be used on multiple stores
  • Admin can manage pre-orders from the backend

PrestaShop Registration Form Module

The PrestaShop Custom Registration Form Module allows you to create and integrate custom registration fields, extending the standard name, email, and password requirements. These additional fields can be tailored to collect specific information that is pertinent to your business or industry. For instance, you can add fields for customer preferences, special requests, or extra contact details. By doing so, you not only gain valuable insights into your customers but also improve the overall user experience by making the registration process more relevant and user-friendly.

Key Features of PrestaShop Registration Form Module

  • Multiple field types to choose from
  • Option to allow users to select customer group at the time of registration
  • Powerful dependable fields supported
  • Option to set validation on new user registrations
  • Option to make fields mandatory

PrestaShop Labels and Stickers Module

The PrestaShop Labels and Stickers Module empowers you to effortlessly craft and apply attention-grabbing labels, badges, or stickers to your product listings, effectively communicating special deals, promotions, or critical product information. Featuring an intuitive interface, it grants you the creative freedom to tailor these labels to meet your precise marketing objectives. Whether it’s highlighting “New Arrivals,” “Top Picks,” “Discounts,” “Limited-Time Deals,” or any other compelling message, the Labels and Stickers Module provides adaptability and precision.

Features of PrestaShop Labels Module

  • Add stickers to one or more products based on category, supplier or manufactures
  • Option to limit labels and stickers based on particular user groups
  • Option to set a different size for images for listing and product page
  • Option to add links with stickers


The best thing about PrestaShop is that you can customize your store according to your business needs and offer a personalized experience to your customers. The above mentioned PrestaShop modules have been widely accepted and appreciated in the PrestaShop community, so you must add them to your store now.

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