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Being the most widely used content management system, WordPress has millions of fans and users around the world. We provide WordPress web development solutions to a broad spectrum of customers that range from amateurs, enthusiasts, as well as professionals. Our team of developers exhibit just the right mix of expertise you need for creating a website that makes a difference on the internet, personalized head to toe. That is right, you define and we design.

Making a website that glows is the integral part of our WordPress website solution plan. We perform in-depth research and intensive team work to find the perfect theme that befits your requirements to make it unique and appealing. While we build your website from scratch, we make sure the theme of the webpage has quality that cannot be compromised with unsatisfactory designs and inadequate content. We acquire themes reputed for their authors and use them for your online presence.

At UnitedSol our primary objective is not expanding our clientele, but strengthening our current connections for the long haul by providing stainless services with top-notch techniques and strategies for optimum results.

Wordpress Plugin DevelopmentMost Wordpress websites require tools and software that assist the admin in achieving the goals and aims of the website fast and efficiently. Wordpress-powered plugins are the perfect catalyst for achieving optimum website performance and customer friendly experience. Our plugins are available to suit your needs of all capacities. We integrate high end features that provide unrivaled abilities for your website to set it mark on the top. Whenever your needs are specific, our developers are at your disposal to shred and carve custom plugins with the most outstanding specifications and gratifying results. We make sure that our plugins are bug free with versatile features to tackle even the most annoying issues website owners’ face.
Responsive & Mobile FriendlyRepresenting yourself on the internet is not your final feat if you want to keep up with the competition. With the technology constantly evolving, the reigning era has already spreads its prime invention between the inhabitants of the fold. Mobile devices are whats trending in every hand and every pocket. To keep up with the trends your website has to be compatible with mobile specifications achieve high traffic and superior rankings. We give your website all the gear and equipment it needs to become responsive and mobile friendly with the best designs and themes available in the market. Keep your presence on every table, lap and hand to achieve the healthy conversion and high end exposure.
Get Premium ThemeGetting your successful website started is just the right choice away. We provide both premium themes and bespoke web designs to fit the precise needs of different customer groups. If you want a website to deliver a professional image and ease of accessibility for the consumers within a given budget then we suggest premium themes. Our service includes all the necessary space and slots for attractive designing and personalization with unlimited access to plugins. We will choose the best theme to meet up your demands and initiate the building process until the entire website has erected into a totem of perfection.
Get Tailored Web DesignMost business owners choose premium themes for their online store websites even though a customized structure is required for proper function. Off-the-shelf themes work best for starters with small target market. For a businesses with a whole library of products and services that are sold with custom specifications, a much advanced website theme is required which is only achievable through Bespoke Web Design. We are dedicated to guide you through each and every stage with sheer compliance as well as ministrant counsel. The final product will be the manifestation of your will and a trending mobile responsive website that no one could resist visiting.

Why Use WordPress


EASE-OF-USEWordPress is irrefutably the most effective while at the same time, user friendly CMS that does not compromise its arsenal of features and functions with advanced developing. With our special training process that we offer, our clients can post their own content on blogs and pages without any help at all. This is as free as it gets.
BLOGGINGBlogging is no doubt another very customizable function of WordPress. Upload your stories as a parent, employee, aficionado or even a revolutionary with 100% tailored appearance from layout, font, and background with a little touch of hot functions such as widgets just to make it enticing for at least one read. It includes custom user settings, interactive boosts and mobile app compatibility for handheld device readers.



OPEN-SOURCEBeing an open-source platform the potential of WordPress has no limits. Its gates are open to new and trending knowledge to be passed by programmers and from the corners of the world. Endorsing a massive library of more than 20,000 extensions, you can personalize your website to the exact purpose you intended it for. Add forums, call to function buttons, maps functions, calendars and image galleries absolutely without the need of a professional programmers.
FUTURE-PROOFThis is the kind of machine that can be reconditioned, armored, tweaked and re-skinned anytime you wish. With users from all across the world working on its development and progress, WordPress is here to stay. You can work on its several aspects without any complicated steps. Apply themes and new updates to stay in touch with era and technology.



SEO & SOCIALIntegrating social media presence in websites was never this easy before the advent of WordPress. Get maximum coverage through social media networks with increased traffic and conversions through the SEO benefits. Google already prefers WordPress in several ways hence visibility in search engines is not a problem at all.
SCALABLEWe at UnitedSol, Wordpress Development company, maintain our reputation of unhindered WordPress hosting with beastly performance. WordPress already rejects lagging even if you have one or a thousand pages to manage. WordPress gives you the scalability of a lightning fast platform with uncompromised browsing. Choose Wordpress and embrace yourself ready for a website experience of your life.


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