Corporate Identity


Corporate designs take control of all the aspects that are involved in communication and project a golden brand image that defines quality and superiority against all your competitors. We at UnitedSol specialize in such expertise with our team of dedicated and devoted content specialists, graphics designers and artists. With your specifications and scales, we begin constructing an impeccable corporate identity as we implement our techniques and strategies into action.

Stay Ahead

Keeping yourself ahead of the competitor’s pace is essential for scoring the top position is the market. It might sound a little textbook, but keeping a strong and vibrant impression can sometimes change things in ways you would never have thought through. Corny as it sounds, it is the truth nonetheless. Especially in online businesses, where things are only rejected once and forever.

Our Services

Professionally crafted content is our specialty here at UnitedSol. We provide elegantly fashioned Logos, striking business cards, letterheads and envelopes that redefine graphics technology to a whole new level. We know how to achieve high end traffic and quality conversions through corporate identity.
A survey conducted reveals that 78% online users will only pay attention to a website if the font and logo of the company is an attractive one. This is how important Corporate Identity is for the success of a company, particularly the one that needs to enter the market.

Custom Logo Design and Redesign
Development of Taglines and Slogans
Website Design
Stationary Design and Printing
The disparity that exists between an elegant and captivating logo and a logo that lacks basic appeal can be explained with a company that is thriving in the industry and one that hanging at the cliff of bankruptcy.
UnitedSol has the best artists and designers who take pride in being a part of something that is in early stages of its fathomed magnitude. Our logo designs show the right mix of uniqueness, quality and style.
Think of it as a talking version of your company’s logo. It is best expressed in seven to eight words and works as an essential counterpart of your sales pitch. The tagline of your brand is something that remains on stone forever and it is rare that a company ever changes its tagline.
Being cut from the same cloth, there is however a major difference that sets them apart with purpose. A tagline is the voice of the brand itself whereas a slogan advocates a marketing campaign of a particular product of service.
Through market research and critical analysis we devise taglines and slogans that can penetrate all types of customer groups
A website design reflects the importance and significance of a business on internet and we make sure your business has the upper hand in appearance. Online consumers are always curious to try something from a website whose design they begin to adore. Our designers are always working on head turning designs with eye-catching attributes.
The main courses of the stationary include letters, business cards, brochures, booklets etc. Your business will inevitably receive response if it is professionally accessorized to meet the eyes of the customers. From our corporate identity stationary design, impressing a customer can be as easy as sliding a card to their hand and it will do the rest itself.
Getting your stationary designed from an amateur can cost you dearly. Imagine if a customer receives a letter from your marketing department that most definitely include a pretty attractive package which the customer would love to pay for, but as it so happens the customer is distracted by the poorly designed letterhead which has intervened in the reading process. That keeps ringing the warning bell of deceit that whether the company is reliable or not.

Imprint a Rigorous Impression into the Minds of your Customers

Having a logo means a lot for a company’s existence in the market. Whenever customers are introduced with your company, the logo is how they remember your firm on every recurrence. To make sure it is remembered in good regards, the right design, salient features and the basic elements are at play. Similarly, without adding war crys and armaments to your mix you cannot fight for market dominion against rivals. Slogans, logos and stationary accessories are your weapons and ammunition in the battle for achieving the best corporate identity. See for yourself how these aspects work together in harmony for attaining an inviolable corporate identity.

Corporate Identity Development Process

Information Architecture Analysis
We come and interact with the primes of your organization to extract the vision and modalities for the blue prints of your to be corporate identity. It involves studying the target audience, gaining product knowledge, company background and the budget the task. All together, we form a map to forward it to our designer for production.
Content Research
After concluding meeting sessions with you and company management, our writers calibrate the sales pitch of your company into a sirens song. We form slogans and taglines that become vivacious apparent on mind and tongue. We contribute to our maximum in defining your company’s objective and product deliverance for marketing campaigns.
Design Guidelines
As we undertake task and initiate the designing process, our head designer will periodically communicate with you regarding the basic elements of designing such as font, color, layout and contrast etc. this allows us to craft the project with era appropriate features the audience grasps.
Our designers get cracking and produce high quality graphics for your logo, stationery design and printing. Our delegating of experts devise a presentation for your top brass and explain each and every maneuver in the designed products regarding authoritative perspectives of the market. The approved cast is taken for production.
Production and Quality Control
Once we have taken all the processes in accord, our production officials give the orders to produce the corporate identity of your company into reality. But that’s not the end of it. We remain in constant contact and assure the advertising has touched the skies. We sharpen the roughened up edges of the project whenever needed and maintain your image on top ranks.

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