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How to Make an Exceptional UX by Averting 7 Major Mishaps

A common mistake that most people do is mix-up User Interface with User Experience. There is a fine line drawn between UI and UX, because the latter is ultimate outcome of UI and other important factors of a website. If you are sitting on a sofa, the arms, the foam and the design is the UI, where as the comfort and relaxation you achieve from that sofa is the UX.

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Logo Design!

Ultimate guide to logo design

When we take a look at something we automatically feel we can determine whether a task is easy or difficult. Whereas in reality, nothing can determine the level of ease/difficulty you might face till you’re actually a part of the game. As it appears to be nothing but a name for a company of whatever

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Responsive & Mobile Friendly Website Design Statistics [Infographic]

responsive web design statistics by usol

To an average some 788 million people have been registered as mobile internet users in 2015 which is quite a leap compared to the figure of 487 million in 2014. This reflects the growing need of mobile friendly websites for site owners, especially merchants who sell their products online as 4 out of every five online shoppers purchase products through their handheld devices.

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What Happens When Developer & Designers Do Not Work Together

According to research conducted by Econsultancy, 47% of people expect a web page to load within two seconds and 40% will abandon page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. A shortcoming shared by the designer as well as the developer.

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Graphing Designing: The Journey from Start to Finish

web design process

A painter brings imagination and ideas from his mind to life on the surface of a canvas with an artistic hand and the help of lively paints. The job of a graphic designer is similar to that of the painter because they both have to breathe life into their imaginations and let the world view

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